Were the World Turns mine…

I really love As the World Turns right now. A sentiment I should save for my work blog? Probably. But exuberance waits for no man, dammit! Tempus fugit!

The show is in top form (except in the diversity department, but talking about like that is like talking in a vacuum…”in space, no one can hear you scream”). The Carly/Jack/Janet/Dusty/Parker/Liberty tale is a heartfelt one of six people trying to make the best of things — and six actors doing amazing work. The blooming reunion of Carjack — complete with Jack trying to be the hero but hurting everyone in the process (that is SO Jack) and Carly struggling with sainthood versus, well, being Carly — is the linchpin. I’ve said it before, but Michael Park and Maura West can move story forward without even speaking! Janet and Dusty have won me over, because they make each other laugh and there’s an earnest quality to their interaction. I know where Janet’s coming from, even if I don’t particularly like some of her choices. Julie Pinson is totally selling Janet’s Liberty First mentality. And speaking of Liberty, I honestly never thought that I’d be this invested in her and Parker. I’m not a huge fan of teen stories and the introductory rebellion and teen marriage was such a “zzzzzz” for me. This past year changed all of that. Mick Hazen and Meredith Hagner have been luminous, human and so achingly funny and their characters are often the most mature in Oakdale.

Sure, the Mick/Stenbeck storyline was ten shades of weird — and gross, to boot — but Tom Pelphrey was great, proving he can step outside the confines of GL’s Jonathan. He sparked with Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara) and worked well with Roger Howarth (Paul), Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily), and Marnie Schulenburg (Alison). And it was no less bizarre a story than the Rick Decker poisoning/virus arc of a few years ago or James Stenbeck’s most recent return, where we learned Henry is his son. Plus, how can I fault a storyline that gives us a ton of Ryan, Hughes and Stewart face time?

I love Holden and Molly; they’re probably my favorite couple right now. Holden’s such a fuddy-duddy (I mean that fondly!) and I love what impulsive, snarky Molly brings out in him. The polar opposites really balance each other out, and Jon Hensley and Lesli Kay are fabulous together. I know that, theoretically, I should be rooting for a Lilden reunion by the end of the series, but I actually hope Lily finds someone brand-new, not connected to her past…or, hey, this is a new one for soaps: ends as a successful, independent, single woman. Let’s get her back at WorldWide, involve her in her kids’ problems, and have her tell all the controlling guys in her life to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Or she could hire Reid to do that for her, since he’s so good at telling it like it is. I love that the acerbic doc is involved with multiple characters and providing a bridge between them. Since Reid doesn’t exist in a bubble, we have access to Noah/Luke, Katie and Henry and Dr. Bob and Kim. And the more Dr. Bob we see, the better. Don Hastings is a jewel and the daytime landscape will be sorely lacking in richness without him and Kathryn Hays. And, lest we forget, Henry and Katie’s story also involves Barbara and Paul, and occasional Snyder interaction for Katie, so it all comes back around in a circle.

See, that’s what I love the most about ATWT: It feels like a bunch of regular people going about their lives. People who run into each other in Old Town and know each other’s relatives and have awkward interaction with their exes or rivals. Sure, crazy, soapy stuff happens, but outside the presumed death and the brainwashing, I frequently feel like I’m sitting at Emma’s kitchen table, just watching family members deal with their day.

That I won’t be hanging out at the Snyder farm, or the Lakeview, come September is something I’m not ready to face!

4 thoughts on “Were the World Turns mine…

  1. I agree with you on ALL accounts. I think that’s what people forget. When I try to explain to them why I love this show I tell them I identify with it, and they think I’m insane. But the truth is, beyond the melodrama you feel like it’s so real, the interactions, the basic humanistic story lines. It all comes down to love and the show is extremely family oriented which I love. I’m very close to my family, and here, even though you can go years without hearing about certain members, you know they care, you know that their family in the long run, is probably no more messed up than your own. You’re so right, come September, that is what I will miss, hanging out with my tv family, watching my tv friends lives unfold. The show started with the very basic life of a family, the Hughes family with Nancy her husband, and their children. Bob fell in love with Lisa and they were teenagers, who ended up getting married. It wasn’t outrageous all the time. It didn’t have to be. And still compared to what I see on other shows it’s not.


    1. Yes! ATWT feels really authentic. It’s very easy to relate to and outside the hyper-reality of the typical soapy storylines, it’s all very human and normal.

      The Hugheses still feel like a real family, and I love all the little moments between the Snyders.


  2. I have been watching ATWT for 32 years, ever since my son was born and I found myself in front of the TV when it came on. I was automaticly involved in the story then and have been ever since. When I went back to work I started taping it and would watch it every day when I came home. My son started to watch it to and when he was in Jr Hi and High School he would come home and watch it before I came home and tell me mom you have to see today’s soap. My daughter started watching it with me when she was 3 and today at 22 tapes it too. She remembers things that I have forgotten and some of them are from was she was as young as 5.

    This show is a part of our family and I agree with you about the Carly/Jack/Janet/Dusty/Parker/Liberty story line. Also with everything else you said.

    This show has been an escape from reality for me and I really don’t know what I will do when it ends. I will be retired by then and will really feel the loss.

    I will feel like I am loosing close friends and this will be a great loss.




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