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There are a lot of logic flaws in GH’s “Franco Hearts Jason” story, but here’s one in particular: If everyone knows Jason is a killer, he’s not the best hitman, he’s theworst

Now, I’m hardly an expert when it comes to contract hits and the mob (okay, I’m lying; clearly whacking people is how I make extra cash), but I’m pretty sure the entire business depends on secrecy. Sure, there’s a healthy intimidation factor, but in general, nobody goes around advertising that they kill people for a living. Because it’s not a legitimate career like, say, insurance sales or working at the local bakery. Murder is illegal, ya know? 

So why, then, does everyone in Port Charles…and apparently also in Europe, where Franco lives the high life…know what Jason does? I mean, “coffee importer” is a laughable front now. Even the corner news stand guy knows what Jason and Sonny actually do for a living. People know their names, their faces, and who their families are. That means Jason’s a crappy hitman, folks, and not someone fruitcake Franco should be fanboying over. 

And wouldn’t you think the cops and the DA would be able to throw the book at a criminal organization that might as well have its activities emblazoned in neon lights? Sonny and Jason’s outfit is about as subtle as a pole dancer’s G-string. 


If you want good storytelling about contract killers, I highly recommend the novels EXIT STRATEGY and MADE TO BE BROKEN by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong. Nadia Stafford is an ex-cop turned hitwoman and, unlike Jason, she comes off as both very human and also very efficient at her job. She has several “colleagues” as well, and the whole business has a very specific code.

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