The 2009 Wrap-Up, Best and Worst.

I cannot believe that it is almost 2010…that I’m now less than two months from turning 32. Ack! However, with the new year approaching, it’s time for the reflection, accidental oversights, and perverse favoritism that comes with a Best and Worst post! So, without further ado, here’s my year in media:

Best Book: Living Dead Girl, by Elizabeth Scott
Most Disappointing Book: Dark of Night, by Suzanne Brockmann
Favorite Book: Goddess of the Hunt, by Tessa Dare

Best Movie: (tie) Star Trek and Billu Barber
Worst Movie: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Delhi 6
Favorite Movie: Star Trek

Best Primetime TV Show: NCIS
Worst Primetime TV Show: (tie) Smallville and Heroes
Favorite Primetime TV Show: Glee
Most Heinous Cancellation: (tie) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Life
Best New Show: The Good Wife
Surprise Hit of the Year: The Vampire Diaries
Best Import: Being Erica
Worst Import: Robin Hood
Best Mini-Series: Torchwood: Children of Earth
Worst Mini-Series: The Last Templar
Best New Character: (tie) Neal Caffrey, White Collar and Alicia Florrick, The Good Wife
Worst New Character: Riley Richmond, Melrose Place
Sexiest Male: Ian Somerhalder (Damon, The Vampire Diaries)
Sexiest Female: Cote de Pablo (Ziva, NCIS)
Best Couple: Nathan and Haley, One Tree Hill
Favorite Couple: Casey and Cappie, Greek
Worst Couple: Riley and Jonah, Melrose Place
Best Bromance: Peter and Neal, White Collar
Best Evil Overlord: Misha Collins (Castiel, Supernatural)

Best Daytime TV Show: The Bold and the Beautiful
Worst Daytime TV Show:  All My Children
Favorite Daytime TV Show: (tie) The Bold and the Beautiful and One Life to Live
Most Heinous Cancellation: (tie) Guiding Light and As the World Turns
Best New Character: Bill Spencer, The Bold and the Beautiful
Worst New Character: Ethan Lovett, General Hospital
Best Couple: Bill and Katie, The Bold and the Beautiful
Favorite Couple: Kyle and Fish, One Life to Live
Worst Couple: Nikolas and Elizabeth, General Hospital
Best Bromance: Cristian and Fish, One Life to Live
Cutest Baby: ALL OF THEM. OMG.

Best Song: “Paparazzi,” by Lady Gaga
Worst Song: “Russian Roulette,” by Rihanna
Favorite Song: “Poker Face,” by Lady Gaga
Favorite Artist: Lady Gaga
Surprise Hit of the Year: Taylor Swift and her general awesomeness

Favorite Twitter to Follow: Guiding Light‘s Melinda Sue Lewis
Guilty Pleasure Twitter: Jonathan Knight, from New Kids on the Block
Best Twitter Bromance: Michael Muhney and Daniel Goddard (Adam and Cane, The Young and the Restless)
Best Twitpic Poster: Nathan Fillion (Richard, Castle)

Best Blog: Jezebel.Com
Best Online Store: Old Navy

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