Tales from the Crypt and the Kish

I feel like I should have intelligent critic-like things to say about One Life to Live, but I really just want to run around squeeing like a giddy 12-year-old.

Firstlies, the return of Mitch Laurence, however improbable and hard to swallow, is MADE OF AWESOME. Roscoe Born needs to insure his voice for a bazillion dollars, because it is hypnotic and charismatic and never fails to send shivers and thrills down my spine. Even though Jessica has spent the past weeks running around like the worst kind of horror movie heroine — don’t run TOWARDS the creepy potting shed, Jess, and for the love of God, DON’T TOUCH THE CORPSE — Bree Williamson‘s reaction shots have been priceless. And both she and Melissa Archer (Natalie) played the terror and disgust at seeing Mitch again beautifully.

But the true scene stealer — sorry Mr. Born — has been Cryptkeeper Nash. I mean, I haven’t seen a performance this effective since Y&R‘s Mr. Kitty. It’s been a tour-de-force, especially in the tipping of his wig to Norman Bates’ mother in Psycho. Cryptkeeper Nash (maybe I should call him ‘Crash’ for short?) perfectly portrayed the open-mouthed shock of the situation, and was so moving despite his rather understated — almost wooden — mien.

But enough about the show’s new hero, we all know what I’m really here to talk about: Kish and Cayla! I think I’ve said this before, but Brett Claywell, Scott Evans, David Fumero and Tika Sumpter are so organic together that it’s like watching a bunch of real friends hang out. (And, like I pointed out on Twitter, they do seem to have a never-ending supply of beer, so who wouldn’t want to hang out with them? LOL.) Cris and Layla deciding to take that leap and be together was a long time coming and I love how he just kissed the Hell out of her! But even better than that was at the end of the episode, when she dragged him off to grab his sweater from the dryer and he sat down for the movie and slid so she was sitting between his knees. It’s that utterly natural way they are together that makes them so perfect.

Then you have Kyle and Fish, who are so painstakingly tentative and awkward because they want everything to be “just right.” The explosive passion is there — like whoa; towel makeout scene, anyone? — but they don’t know how to be a couple. My favorite moment for them was when nervous Fish was rambling about having every right to kiss his boyfriend — and how great is it that his huffy rants have become a consistent trait? — and Kyle just turned, slowly, and grinned. As if he was processing what he was hearing and it was so damn wonderful. Brett Claywell settled into this great fond/smug expression as Fish wrapped up his spiel, and I loved it.

Yay, OLTL. Just…yay. Sometimes I may not like where and with whom you’re pushing the envelope (coughToddcough), but I’m glad you push it, because in many cases it makes for great story!

5 thoughts on “Tales from the Crypt and the Kish

  1. Mala:

    I’m a new viewer to the show, so I didn’t know Mitch from before. But I’m LOVING the Mitch stuff. It’s soooooo creepy and over the top and outlandish and fun. The whole digging up Nash’s grave and Jessica finding the corpse was HOT. I can’t wait to see how it’s all going to play out. EXCEPT for Rex. JPL’s performance at finding out that Mitch was his father is as bad as Drunk Gigi yesterday. I dread watching months of this. And scenes between Mitch and Rex are going to be like watching a fifteen car pileup in it’s awfulness. But you can’t turn away.

    I’m loving Cris and Layla and I loved their scenes. And the Kyle/Oliver stuff was much steamier and hotter than I could have imagined. Gee, and to think they are just getting started! And as you mentioned, so many great moments like the reaction on Kyle’s face when Oliver called him is boyfriend. And the awkwardness and hesitance is no natural and real, even though they’ve been lovers before. Plus, Kyle’s comment that Oliver wasn’t a prude. The mind whirls! I’m so glad this foursome are becoming a nice little ‘family’. Such fun and they all compliment each other.

    But I miss Jared already. Sniff!


    1. I think the Mitch stuff is also great because OLTL is a show that doesn’t do this kind of stuff too often (hi, GH, looking at you!).

      I don’t know how much farther we’ll see Kyle and Fish go onscreen, but they’re just so beautifully crafted, between the writing, the acting and the direction. I really hope the viewers continue to be supportive of the pacing. And combined with Cris and Layla they really are a great foursome. Each actor brings something singular to their role.


  2. Yep, I was squeeling too when I watched this yesterday. The scenes between Fish and Kyle were marvelous. I love that the writers and Scott Evans have retained Fish’s awkward, dorky quality, even when he’s with Kyle, which makes all that much more endearing. And Kyle’s reactions to Fish–Brett plays them so well–not just that proud look when Fish talks about him being his boyfriend, but his eyes going down Fish’s body when he comes out in the towel. Great stuff.

    And I SO love that Cris and Layla are not only together but establishing a great friendship with Fish and Kyle. Like you say, their performances are so organic, it does seem like 4 very close friends. And seeing Cris, the straight guy, be such a supportive and caring friend is a major plus, something that is rarely seen.


    1. Cris as Fish’s best friend and confidant is just wonderful. I’ve raved about it in the past. And it’s especially great because Cris is the “veteran” character amongst them. We’ve seen him since he was a teenager. And in many ways he’s the linchpin of the group because of that.


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