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Were we supposed to cheer when GH’s Johnny grabbed Claudia and threatened to crush her skull or be horrified? Because with this being a show where Luke the rapist is a wacky hero, Sonny shot his wife, and Jason laid a plastic tarp down for Faith, I can’t really tell. It sort of feels like, with that elite list for company, Johnny has proven himself a core character the powers-that-be are invested in. It’s like going out and shooting your first buck. Clap Johnny on the back, he’s manned up! Besides, it’s not like that evil witch Claudia doesn’t deserve it, right?

On the other hand, you have the fact that Johnny, despite being crazy, hotheaded and born into the mob, has been a fairly decent guy. And watching him threaten his own sister in such a fashion is utterly despicable. I mean, I really grew to like this character and to root for his romance with Olivia, but that scene was beyond the pale for me. How can you look at Johnny cupping Olivia’s face with tenderness knowing those hands were raised against his sister in anger? Ugh. And that’s where I’m at. Not at the “Congrats, Johnny! Claudia finally pushed you to the limit!” point, where he deserves kudos for taking her down a peg, but at the place where I am deeply saddened that yet another male character on GH had to resort to committing a violent act against a woman. By now, you all know how I feel about the issue. And I’d be a hypocrite if I could still root for Johnny while dissing the Todds and Sonnys of the world.

I think Brandon Barash has really made strides on the show, and he got to a wonderful place where Johnny could lead the next generation of GH’s antiheroes. But one writing choice, just a few keystrokes on a keyboard and a short scene, made sure that I’m not going to enjoy that potential journey very much.

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