Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Can you believe I actually went four whole days without watching a soap? I don’t know how! Actually, wait, I do. First, I made sure to check in on the one storyline that left me on the edge of my seat before I left for vacation: Owen’s odd behavior on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL. Right around 1:45 on Friday, I contact my colleague Joe and asked him whether or not Owen has an evil twin. (He does!) With that burning question answered, I was relatively at peace with my time away from soaps. 

And for the rest of my withdrawal symptoms…? There was Twitter! Yes, Twitter. I change my username every once in a while, but I do have an account. I follow several people, including some daytime actors. And watching the likes of Brandon Barash (Johnny, GH), Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH), and Chrishell Stause (Amanda, AMC) tweet about whatever they were up to over the weekend helped me feel as though I was still connected to the world of soaps. (Not to mention that Brandon made me start craving Frito Pie.) 

Then there’s the guys from Y&R…arguably THE funniest tweeters, at least to me, in the soap Twitterverse. Between all the photos from the makeup chairs, the movement to change #followfridays to #nakedfridays, and the adorable family chatter they engage in, it’s never a dull moment. At this point, I’d call Daniel Goddard (Cane) and Michael Muhney‘s (Adam) online bromance “epic.” They certainly have more going on than Adam and Rafe ever did! LOL! Then, if you fold in their pals Brandon Beemer (Owen, B&B), Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R), and Greg Vaughan (Lucky, GH), it’s like soap opera meets reality TV…except in 140 characters or less. I really get a kick out of how warm and funny and wonderful their friendships obviously are and how willing they are to share that with the public. 

Here’s a few choice items that kept me looped into the land o’ suds during my four-day weekend: 

@greg_vaughan Lucky?? Is trying to continue putting the past behind them & rebuilding the foundation that he & Liz once shared! 

@lisalocicerogh Almost had it…Both Dominic AND Brandon were here running lines last night..Heated up the hot tub…camera was ready… No dice, no photo. 

@michaelmuhney Y’all should C me now: icepacks on my feet laying on the couch. Had my weekly soccer league today. Got an assist from corner kick & a goal! 

@Chrishell7 Just got done running in the TX heat-now room service! To all the fans that came out today-you are amazing!! Sorry the lines are so rushed! 

@BrandonBarash What’s that u say, Mr. Concession Stand Worker? You have Frito Pie??? ONE PLEASE!


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