Double trouble

On Wednesday, when The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Owen went AWOL in San Diego for a bit before a crucial interview for Jackie M, my Spidey senses started tingling. Then, as he returned just in time to sprawl carelessly in a chair and be both callous and flip about his marriage to Jackie, the alarm bells really began to blare. “Evil Twin! Evil Twin!” is the exact nature of said blaring. (Maybe with a side of “OMG! What is wrong with sweet, darling Owen?”) I mean, he was just too out of character, absolutely ice-cold, without a single trace of the nerves he was displaying before the interview…and, of course, without a single trace of his devotion to Jackie. So, duh. Evil Twin!

Well, today, I’m proud to say, “I told you so!” and “HA!”

I’m blogging “on location” from my parents’ place, so I didn’t get to see that my theory had been proven correct.  I actually briefly logged on just to confer with Joe, my co-worker at WEEKLY. He flipped away from Days just to sate my curiosity. What a mensch! LOL! Suffice it to say, I can’t wait to get back to the city in a couple of days, watch my tape, and meet Owen’s tattooed, bad boy twin.

I also have to give massive, massive props to Brandon Beemer, who didn’t let a single tidbit drop in advance. Way to keep viewers on their toes!

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