The summer TV round-up

Summer is drawing to a close and with it, much of this cycle’s prime time TV season. I thought I would do a little postmortem of my likes and dislikes! Mind you, I don’t watch Burn Notice, Rescue Me, Psych, or Monk, so those shows won’t be reflected. But I threw in some daytime just to keep it interesting.

Best returning series: Torchwood: Children of Earth.
Best mini-series: Bollywood Hero.
Guilty pleasure: Merlin.
Sophomore slump: In Plain Sight.
Best team: the Leverage crew.
Favorite summer couples: General Hospital‘s Johnny and Olivia, The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Jackie and Owen, As the World Turns‘ Paul and Emily.
Favorite summer non-couples: Leverage‘s Parker, Eliot and Hardison, In Plain Sight‘s Mary and Marshall, One Life to Live‘s Fish and Kyle.
Most shocking death: a tie. Pretty much everybody in Torchwood: CoE, plus Guiding Light. Why are you leaving me, GL? Why?
Best guest performance: Peter Capaldi, Frobisher, Torchwood: CoE.
Favorite newcomer: Dominic Zamprogna, Dante, GH.
Favorite actor: Scott Michael Foster, Cappie, Greek.
Favorite actress: Eve Myles, Gwen, Torchwood: CoE.
Most adorable actor/actress: GL‘s Henry and recast Henry, GH‘s Emma, and Colin Morgan (Merlin).

Other categories to come as I think of them.

This also does not change the fact that I will be doing a silly award round-up before the Daytime Emmys like I did in the work blog last year.

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