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Yesterday I had the completely appalling realization that Y&R’s Adam and Ashley have chemistry. And given how I feel about victimizers of women becoming romantic heroes, I immediately wanted to go shower with bleach. Michael Muhney and Eileen Davidson work really, really well together and are knocking their scenes out of the park. And those times when Ash is leaning on Adam and he’s pretending to be completely sincere … if you take them out of context, it’s like, “Hey, there’s something there.” Unfortunately, I’m a context kinda gal, and context says, “OH, HELL, NO.” 

Can we just help me remember that pithy mantra? “Mala, stop that.” “Mala, don’t go there.” “Mala, he had downlow sex with a dude who looks 12.” “Mala, he’s making her think she’s still pregnant after he DISPOSED OF HER DEAD BABY IN THE FIREPLACE.” 

Maybe if I say those things over and over, this sense of “what a waste!” will go away.

And this goes back to the core problem with this story: Adam’s victimization of Ashley has NEVER made sense. As the one person who believed in him, who was kind to him when everyone was treating him like crap, she is the least deserving of this horrendous campaign of revenge against Victor. And even back when Chris Engen was playing the role, the show could’ve gone the simplest possible route: Have Adam woo a vulnerable Ashley for himself. Back when his biggest ick factor was shooting Botox in his eyes. I think it would have been totally plausible for “poor” blind Adam to seek comfort in his father’s girlfriend and cozy up to her as a suitor…but then realize that maybe he was starting to fall for her for real. And it wouldn’t have sacrificed Victor and Hope’s son in the process. He could’ve come back from that and still had a place as a future romantic character. 

But now? Oh, God, I really hope no one at the show IS plotting an Adam/Ashley pair-up. If that happens, I will do my best impression of the pea soup scene from The Exorcist

As it stands, Adam has joined the likes of GH’s Ric and Luke, OLTL’s Todd, and Days’ EJ on my personal ‘No Fly’ list. If he goes full-on villain, I’ll rescind the designation, but as long as the possibility for him becoming a redeemed leading man remains I will have the bleach and the airsick bag at the ready!

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