What would happen if they kissed?

After ruminating on One Life to Live‘s Kyle and Fish all weekend, I was inspired to hit YouTube to look up all of daytime’s LGBT first liplocks*. I think I got ’em all, but feel free to comment and tell me what else to look for.

Daytime’s first same-sex kiss, that of AMC’s Bianca and Lena in 2003

(Since the smooch above, Bianca has kissed Maggie and that one random girl on New Year’s Eve, and had makeout sessions with wife, Reese.)

Four years later, ATWT’s Noah and Luke

2008, GH: Night Shift, Kyle and Eric: (starts around minute 3:51)

2009, GL’s Olivia plants one on Natalia

2009, OLTL’s Kyle and Oliver

And a bonus…

Here’s Christian and Olli’s first kiss, from the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe.

As for answering the question in my subject line: What would happen if they kissed? Well, there has been no noticeable furthering of the moral decay of society. The streets are not overflowing with panic. Children are not suddenly waking up gay because they saw it on the TV. Basically, despite any and all pearl-clutching, what has happened is that daytime TV has started actually reflecting its audience and telling stories about people who, previously, had been marginalized or ignored entirely.


*As opposed to cut-aways and creative editing, like in the cases of Y&R‘s Rafe/Adam, Passions‘ Vincent/Chad, etc. I also can’t remember if OLTL‘s Daniel and Mark or Passions‘ Rae and Simone ever had implied kisses and YouTube is short on clips of those stories.

2 thoughts on “What would happen if they kissed?

  1. Wow, watching that Bianca/Lena scene made me tear up and I’ve never even scene that show.

    I can’t begin to say how excited I am for this Kyle/Oliver storyline. I really hope it continues to be a good one.


  2. Yeah, the Bianca/Lena scene was amazing. I remember watching that storyline as it played out.

    And I’ve got my fingers crossed for the Kyle and Oliver story as well!


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