Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Let’s talk various soaps, shall we? Sadly, Y&R won’t be on the list as President Obama decided to host a press conference that spanned the 12:30-1:30 slot. This should probably go on record as yet another change from the Bush administration: President Bush always used to pre-empt our 10 a.m. GL viewing!

Speaking of which, today on Kamikaze GL, a naked Bill almost had his inseam measured by a blasé tailor who observed, “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all.” And then Lillian disagreed, citing her nursing expertise. No, I am not even kidding. I laughed so hard that I think I sprained something. Maybe more shows should take the “live every day as if it’s your last” approach to writing? Or, you know, they could all just have dueling babies. Because my other favorite part of the show was when Reva brought Colin over to Marina’s, asking if she could watch both him and Henry (aka The Awesomest Baby on Daytime). It’s kind of ingenious, really. If one baby makes Marina and Mallet interesting, imagine what two can do? Too bad Reva returned for her kid before the episode was over.

ATWT saw the return of everyone’s favorite homophobic colonel, Win Mayer, and I couldn’t help but crack up as Daniel Hugh Kelly puffed on that cigar and played the nefarious villain to the cheesy hilt. Poor Riley, he doesn’t know what he’s in for, getting involved with Col. Homophobe. And, yes, as if there’s any doubt, I’m on Team Riley/Margo during this silly conflict with Casey. Jealousy has no place when someone is grieving the loss of their child. Casey looks like an utter git for trying to take Riley away from Margo and going off on Ali for calling him out on his pettiness. Even if Riley is up to something shady. But more on that at a later date!

Johnny continues to be my favorite GH character, and JoLivia my favorite couple. Their scenes yesterday and today were hot, hot, hot! I just have one request: Can Claudia please knock it off with the cougar talk, as well as the “ho” and “skank” designations? No.1: Olivia’s not that old. No. 2: Let she who is without sluttiness cast the first “whore!” Claudia is carrying a child that may or may not be Ric’s and she has the nerve to cast aspersions on Olivia, who hasn’t slept with anyone besides Johnny since she hit town over 6 months ago? Please! It’s ridiculous.

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