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What is UP with Y&R lately? It’s just been a special brand o’ crazy, usually reserved for, say, PASSIONS (may it rest in peace). Adam in a purple veil and a ratty black wig pretending to be Sabrina? Yikes! And then take Monday’s episode. I tuned in and got three scarring images. First, there was Adam cleaning up Ashley’s miscarriage. Then, there was Nick and Sharon all nekkid and barely covered by a sheet (it was a LOT of bare skin for me) and then crazy Mary Jane blindfolding Jack and sexing him up — mere hours after he got busy on the couch with Phyllis. “Can I be blindfolded, too?” I whimpered to my colleagues.

And the fact that Adam’s incriminating bloody towel made a reappearance yesterday certainly didn’t help! Ew. Ew. Ew. There are just some props that nobody needs to see repeatedly.

For instance, I have not-so fond memories of this ratty brown blanket that was used in practically every GH love scene for a while. It was usually at Wyndemere, but you’d see it pop up all over town…like it was some sort of sentient sex blanket that creeped from place to place. During Rebecca and Nikolas’ recent stable romp, I half-expected to see it again, but was relieved that their sex blanket was a different color! Of course, my relief then melted into horror as Rebecca followed in Y&R’s Jack’s footsteps and ran off to canoodle with Ethan, still wearing the same clothes from her Nikolas session. Ick. Can we put a moratorium on same day sexcapades, please? Or at least engage in a shower and a change of outfits?

Now to switch to a less traumatic topic, how cute were ATWT’s Luke and Noah and GL’s Olivia and Natalia yesterday? I mean, okay, Joe and I were hard-pressed to figure out how Otalia were supposed to bake 50 dozen cookies (that’s 600!) in THAT kitchen, but all that domestic adorability with little Emma made us stop obsessing over the minutiae. And Noah and Luke being all excited about Noah’s documentary and then trying to figure out what was up with Riley was just perfect. I actually cracked up when Riley wondered why Colonel Mayer treated Noah poorly and Luke draped himself around Noah like a scarf and dramatically drawled, “Obviously because he’s gay.” Plus, it was a nice switch when Noah was the suspicious one and Luke unconcerned. “You like everybody!” Luke gasped.

You know what, with a few exceptions, I kinda like everybody, too. Especially ATWT’s newbies Riley and Hunter!


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