Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

I must make a correction to my May 1 (rather rant-y) post about the lack of racial diversity in daytime. Reader MarkDutchViewer told me that ATWT’s Bonnie and Derek did in fact kiss shortly after the debacle where Robbie held Jade hostage at Metro, on January 14. Thank goodness for fans and YouTube clips, because I found it… 

It’s at roughly 4:15 in the clip. And it’s no wonder I didn’t see it! It’s over before the 4:17 mark! I’ve seen people kiss casual friends “hello” in a more passionate manner than that! 

Bonnie McKechnie is a legacy character on this show. Her parents, Duncan and Jessica, were an incredibly popular and celebrated pairing. And lest we discount Bonnie’s portrayer, Chauntee Schuler, she’s magnetic, beautiful, and perfectly capable of handling more material than she’s given. Benton Greene is so charismatic that he made a two-bit thug like Derek rootable and believable as Jade’s father. Surely they deserve more than a chaste peck you’d give your elderly aunt…?

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