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Devin Owens, SOD’s west coast feature writer, has been e-mailing me off and on about the Luke/Noah/Zac/Zoe story on ATWT, and I think the funniest thing of all was last week when he e-mailed me, “I can’t wait. How do Luke and Noah escape?” Today’s episode answers that question but I went ahead and e-mailed Devin back, spoiling him rotten. “Whew!” he wrote back, relieved. But whatever shall we e-mail about now that the Zs crazy story is over

Lily running around in a cloak, pseudo-incestuous psychos holding people hostage…it was a hoot! Especially since Melinda Sullivan (Zoe/Gia) and Nicholas Galbraith (Zac) are really good. They are two definite finds, so kudos to the casting department! 

Of course, what majorly bummed me out is that thanks to an ill-timed press conference about the swine flu outbreak, I didn’t get to see Melinda and Nick’s last scenes! (What IS it about press conferences always cutting into key moments of my favorite soaps? I’m beginning to develop a persecution complex here, people!) What was great about their characters is that they gave Luke, Noah, and even Alison, Jade and Casey a shot in the arm. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all likable, and I’m not saying a crazy, incestuous tramp trying to impregnate a tied up gay guy is a good thing, but when is the last time there was a longterm troublemaker in the Oakdale teen set? Jessica Dunphy’s version of Ali comes to mind. After her, everyone’s pretty much been on the up and up and the spoilers — Jade, crazy Cleo, the Pisces twins — have all been pretty temporary. Luke and Casey are occasional hotheads who get into trouble, but they always end up contrite and spending a few months behaving themselves. I mean, even Jade is walking the straight and narrow path now. Zzzzzzzzzz. How long before all five of the “teens” end up settling down and having babies like Will and Gwen? 

Putting it in simpler terms: Zac and Zoe’s story wrapped up too fast! This could’ve been dragged out longer, heightening the tension between Holden, Lily, and Damian, creating more trouble for Luke and Noah, etc. I mean, this is the most fun Noah’s been in a while, and that kickass rescue move with his legs today could make Chuck Norris weep. Watching him react to Zac alone has been worth the price of admission! 

Ah, well. At least Damian’s sticking around! I even got a little sniffly and choked up when Luke asked him to stay. Of course, that could also just be the beginnings of swine flu…


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