Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

It just kind of figures. I post about my GUIDING LIGHT love and how the show can’t be canceled and, then, the very next day, the ax falls. Much like many of you out there, I’m still reeling from the news and you can check my Soapbox column in our April 28 issue (on sale April 17) for my expanded thoughts on this dear, wonderful, piece of television history going gently into the good night.

I hate losing a soap. I hated watching ANOTHER WORLD, SUNSET BEACH, and PASSIONS all get canceled. I hate knowing that DAYS may only have through 2010 and hearing that ATWT may not have much longer without its big sis around. But I also love the soaps. I love everything about them —okay, except the misogyny and Todd Manning, which sometimes equates to the exact same thing — and so I’m going to soldier on and keep sharing that love.

Like my love for Y&R’s Kay and Murphy! I admit I was too distracted by GL’s Otalia and GH’s really, really wrong JoMax to notice this duo until recently. But now I’m hooked! They’re banter-y, they’re sweet. Jeanne Cooper and Michael Fairman are great together. (Whodathunk Sonny’s old henchman, Harry Silver, was such a softie? LOL.) I also have to give major props to B&B for the revitalization of not just Jackie M but of Jackie herself. The woman is hot like fire! And watching Lesley-Anne Down with Brandon Beemer’s Owen is a rollicking good time. As much as I like Bridget and Owen, I can’t deny that Jackie and Owen have oodles of chemistry as well. This is going to be one steamy spring!


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