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:::bangs gavel::: I hereby call this meeting of Pearl Clutchers Anonymous to order! Just kidding. I know there was a lot of gasping and perhaps some rending of clothes and tearing of hair, but I really don’t think the Nov. 19 liplock between AS THE WORLD TURNS Brian and Luke was as traumatic as some people were thinking it would be. I actually found the scenes touching and sad. Poor, heartbroken Luke just wanting someone to open up to, Brian trying to comfort him…and it then it all taking a very “Hi, this is my mouth introducing itself to your mouth!” surprise turn. I mean, I have no objection whatsoever to an older man falling for Luke. (In fact, the posters on our ATWT forum know I have a running joke about Dusty moving in on Luke since he’s already gone through all the Snyder-Walsh women.) My objection is that Brian is married to his grandmother and once said badass grandmother finds out where her new hubby’s mouth has been, I don’t think Brian will live very long. Alas, Laurence Lau, we hardly knew ye!

Seriously. I thought Noah was repressed, but Brian’s repression puts his to shame. He is so tightly controlled and courtly, and he dotes on Lucinda. Seeing him kiss Luke was mindblowing — and yet also made a LOT of sense. I don’t know about anyone else, but the whole time he was protesting the Nuke PDA and cautioning Luke against the Foundation supporting the Big Gay Film Festival, I got a distinct tinge of “the gentleman doth protest too much.”

As for me? I’m not protesting! I know “Lion” isn’t going anywhere as a couple (see above observation re: Brian’s lifespan, LOL!), but it effectively confirms that Luke is allowed to have more than one person interested in him. It doesn’t make him promiscuous; it’s natural and normal for a young gay male like Luke to draw more than just Noah’s eye. It’s important to put that out into the universe. Now if I could just put that Dusty/Luke thing into the universe…

Okay, I’m kidding again. ;-).


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