Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Can I make a confession that I hope no one will hold against me? I love Ridge Forrester. Yes, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Ridge Forrester. I kinda can’t help myself. I give a good portion of the blame to the fantastic and hilarious “Baby Come Back” Swiffer commercials that keep airing between all my soap viewing. I LOVE those ads. (It also helps if you picture Ridge as the forlorn mop and/or squeegee, Brooke as the woman who threw it out, and Nick as the Swiffer.) I keep hoping Player will come to the East Coast so I can see them in concert. But make no mistake, it’s not just the awesomecakes of Ronn Moss raking in classic rock residuals at work here. It’s more than that. Ridge cracks me UP.

Mind you, I just started covering B&B for the magazine this year and before this had only watched sporadically. Has Ridge always been so snarky? Moss just pops off these dry one-liners that make me clap my hand over my mouth so I don’t bray with laughter. And, okay, it helps that the one-liners are usually at the expense of Nick, who is probably the character on B&B I love the least right now. Any time Ridge can get a shot in at the serial Logan dating salty dog, I’m a happy camper. (And that’s not a slight against Jack Wagner. I loved me some Warren Lockridge back in the day when I used to watch SANTA BARBARA.) In addition to Ridge’s bitter snarkiness, I really love how incredibly supportive he’s been to Bridget as she breaks free from Nick. He helped her move! He got up in Nick’s face on her behalf! What a good stepdaddy! (I try to forget that they played tonsil hockey a few times and just focus on the fact that he delivered her at Big Bear. Aw!) And, then, today, he showed Brooke that adorable Maid of Honor dress for Hope and the suits for RJ and Jack…? Awwwww. That was so sweet.

I need help.

Or a vacation.

Possibly both.


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