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Can you believe there’s only a handful of NIGHT SHIFT episodes left? Whatever shall I do with myself? I’m especially despondent now that this season has really hit its stride.

For instance, Patricia, Leo, and Kyle’s confrontation scene in the breakroom last night actually made me cry. Kathleen Noone proved why she’s a veteran powerhouse, establishing character history and motivation in such a way that I felt like she’d been on the show this whole time. Ethan Rains finally came into his own, showing us the vulnerability in Leo that would’ve helped us key into him had it been written into the premiere. Maybe it’s because I’m an ethnic minority myself and also because my brother was a perfect student while I was the slacker, but he totally got to me. I just wanted to hug him and apologize forever thinking of him as “NapoLeon.” And Adam Grimes showed why he’s the breakout star of the season. If he doesn’t land on GH: Day Shift, it’ll be a shame and a waste, because Kyle is everything you’d want in a gay character: He’s a fleshed out, fully realized person being played by a talented actor. He’s no token, he’s no desexualized saint. And his immediate chemistry with Chad Allen’s Eric had me grinning. I know it’s too early to call it, but I think they might be my favorite gay couple on TV, closely followed by GREEK’s Calvin and Michael, who are just as witty and adorable as that show’s straight couples. (And interracial to boot!) And, okay, yes, the fact that I totally crushed on Chad Allen during his MY TWO DADS/OUR HOUSE era helps. (By the time he hit DR. QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN, I was all about Joe Lando‘s Sully. We can thank Lando’s turn as OLTL’s Jake Harrison for that. Jake and Megan…sigh!)

The rest of the episode was enjoyable as well. I loved Robin being all freaked out by last week’s Awkward Pre-Kiss Moment with Jagger. I loved Patrick’s expression of utter disbelief when kinder, gentler Epiphany tried to counsel him in the supply closet. I loved Jagger, Robert, and Stone all bonding. I love how this is a show that strengthens key family ties, whereas the parent show is one that relishes tearing them apart. And that’s really just a sad commentary on GH. Why should we HAVE to tune in to a primetime show to get family interaction? To get diversity, richness of character, and nods to history? Why is a reunion with Anna, Sean, Tiffany, Luke, and Robert happening at 11 p.m. instead of 3? Gee, I guess it takes away from prime Zacchara and Sonny/Kate time, huh? We might miss mob drama! Gasp.

Though, okay, I will concede that GH rallied a little by bringing back HalluciLaura and having Lulu, Lucky, and Nikolas share scenes, and also by having Matt Hunter turn out to be Patrick’s brother. Still, that’s not enough and, for me, it’s just a little too late.

But at least GH isn’t as derivative as the new 90210. WHY am I still watching this? It’s. So. Bad. Every single storyline is predictable and Shenae Grimes‘ Annie is even more unlikable than Brenda was back in the day. (Have I mentioned I’m a Kelly girl? Because I SO am.) I dislike Annie SO much that I was actually cheering when Adrianna got one over on her. She’s a petulant, wishy-washy brat. I would rather watch scenes with her awesome parents, Harry and Aunt Becky (I don’t even remember Lori Loughlin’s actual character name! LOL!), than watch her. On the plus side, I continue to think Dixon is adorable and I love his budding romance with Silver. It’s the only bright spot in the otherwise snoozeworthy teen set. You know you have a problem on your hands when Kelly, Brenda, Harry, Aunt Becky, and Ryan are all the real draw to this show. I also have to put in an honorable mention for James Patrick Stuart (ex-Will, AMC) and Christina Moore, who, as Naomi’s divorcing parents, probably had the sexiest moment of the entire episode. Way to show ’em how it’s done!

Also? I was already having Spring Awakening issues because I get a lot of “bestest musical EVER!” rhetoric from friends. Thanks, 90210, for officially hammering the last nail in the coffin and making me never want to see it.


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