Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

So, I started watching GUIDING LIGHT again this week. Yes, it appears we’ve kissed and made up. Mind you, I’m still seeing DAYS OF OUR LIVES at random hours and in between seeing ATWT. (I’m so promiscuous!) At any rate, now that GL and I are on again, I’m heartbroken by the fact that Bill and Lizzie are still off again. :( Just watching Daniel Cosgrove and Marcy Rylan together for a few minutes is enough to showcase that GL’s biggest mishap (next to backburnering Kim Zimmer‘s Reva) is how they have broken up so many functioning and wonderful couples just to create pairs that evoke a big ol’ “meh.” Cosgrove and Rylan have the kind of tempestuous chemistry and engaging humor that every soap needs in a banner couple, and the only thing that was harder to believe than Bill impetuously proposing to Ava during the Lewis shindig was the fact that wee Lizzie could still be standing after all the liquor she downed. That’s not to say Ava and her portrayer Michelle Ray Smith are chopped liver. Ava and Remy are great together, so why trump up all this unnecessary Ava/Bill stuff? 

Another head-scratcher is Kane Manera‘s G. being used as romantic all-purpose flour this week. I’ve opined about what else is wrong with the character elsewhere, but my new beef is this: Is there a girl they haven’t tested him out with? In a three episode span, we got G/Daisy, G/Lizzie, G/Dinah, and G/Ashlee. G/Golly Whiz! Dial it back, folks! Manera is good-looking and all, but the show needs to pick a gal and stick with it. My vote would be for Dinah since she’s age appropriate and they could easily be a smokin’ Big Bad duo — at least until somebody wakes up and realizes Dinah and Mallet need to be reunited. (And I’m not just biased because their pairing name is ‘Malah.’) 

As for my own romantic conundrum, I’m going to be watching GL for the foreseeable future, just because I’m now rooting for Bill and Lizzie and I do want to see where G. will end up. But if DAYS’ Philip gets together with Morgan, I might just have to cheat!

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