The hand that rocks the curdle…

I heard about the death of another young man today, someone from the Indian community back home. Not as famous as Heath Ledger, but no less promising and full of life. I didn’t know him well, we weren’t friends, but his sudden passing is just as much of a shock and tragedy.

I’m turning 30 in a week and I feel as though I’m inching closer and closer to an expiration date. Like I’m going to go bad because somebody didn’t drink me or turn me into paneer in time. But then you hear of those who die young, of those who really do expire, and the petty existential crises of the average working stiff seem just that…petty.

One thought on “The hand that rocks the curdle…

  1. ah, kiddo…my sister never made it to thirty.
    when i passed that age i felt funny and upset and weird…
    But now, at 44 I feel superfantastic.
    We’re not promised tomorrow.
    Don’t think about your expiration date.
    it’s set and you can’t change it…you just don’t need to know it.

    Jump around like the young goddess you are!
    ROCK ON!


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