The wind beneath my wings.

I grew up in a college town, which meant that you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a wing joint. We didn’t get a Buffalo Wild Wings until the ’00s, so up until that point, it was all local places, with their “Nuclear” and “Chernobyl” wings. Mind you, since my stomach is not exactly cast iron (hasn’t been since I was 15, oh the humanity!), I never really indulged in those higher hotness end treats. Then, we got the BW3 and I gloriously indulged in their Caribbean jerk and Thai wings and their garlic…mmmm. Okay, my mouth is watering while I type. Let’s not drool all over the keyboard, shall we? In any case, I have a longstanding love of wings. They’re messy and saucy and spicy and just…awesome. And, let’s face it, they’re not the most attractive food in the world. If you want to go out and look dainty and feminine, they’re not what you order. In fact, I was rather lustily and salaciously sucking my fingers clean tonight. GASP!

I indulged my fetish at the Wharf Bar and Grill on Third between 38th and 39th, where the drink specials are quite awesome (All drafts are $3.50 on Saturdays), and the wings are addictive. Their hostess turned me on to the barbecue flavored ones, and I’ve been a convert since. I tend to shy away from hot or medium Buffalo wings, just because I don’t want to suffer the next day. So, the barbecue option is perfect. I love the sauce, I even love the bleu cheese dressing (let’s not even get INTO my fungus issues). Honestly, I may be able to put away a fair amount of food, but I usually can’t even finish an order of 10.

The advantage of ordering from SDS back in Oxford was that you could request the wings be “run through twice,” so they were more crunchy than saucy. You lose a lot of steam licking your fingers clean and trying to maintain propriety. Eating should never be that taxing and time-consuming. So, by the time I got to my 8th wing, I was exhausted!

In fact, I’m pretty much ready to sleep at 9:30 on a Saturday night! One thing that could potentially keep me awake? What exactly do they DO to the rest of the chicken?

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