Currying favor…or at least blog hits.

Posting in a weblog that nobody reads may seem like an exercise in futility, but I hope that one day, someone actually does find these ramblings 1)mildly entertaining and 2)useful.

In food news, I tried takout pad thai from the new Thai place at 339 Lexington Ave (@ 39th), Red Curry, and was sorely disappointed. There was NO SALT. How do you make food without salt? In India, that’s practically a cardinal sin. The pad thai was bland, hard to choke down, until I finally grabbed my shaker and went to town. When the fried tofu appetizer is more tasty than the main dish, you know there’s a problem! I didn’t really like the pad thai at Jaiya either, and I wonder if I’ve been spoiled by the version I always ordered back home at Phan Shin? I think I’m biased.

I broke down and got a facebook page; now I have a “social networking site” matched set. I still don’t feel particularly socially networked, though.

It’s funny, but when I was visiting my parents in Ohio last month, a friend of the family, Rajib Uncle*, actually suggested I start up a blog about living here. Now that I’ve done it, I haven’t actually told him or anyone else from the desi community. Oops. Sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? “I’m going to start writing about life in the Big Apple…and tell no one I’m doing so.”

*He’s like the “cool uncle,” and half the time I forget to tack on the respectful title. Mom does not approve. Heh.

8 thoughts on “Currying favor…or at least blog hits.

  1. girrrl you KNOW you’ve gotta get some desi folks reading.
    But you’ll have to sorta…hmmm…be someone else.

    Talk to you soon.

    My sister in law and my brother are at odds. I sure will miss my brother.
    I ain’t givin’ up the food for the likes of him.
    hell to the no, bobby brown!


  2. Yeah, I should totally e-mail the link to the posse back home! And this is the “safe” version, yo. I’m smarter than I look. I refuse to put any of my more incriminating exploits on the Internet!

    And thankfully my brother isn’t married, so I don’t have to worry about selling him down the river for my sis-in-law’s cooking!


  3. I talk to you all the time, so it’s okay if you don’t comment! I clearly need to spread this link around a little…and say more controversial things! (Like I ever say anything controversial?)


  4. My next post will be dedicated to your site.
    Oddly, I get a LOT of traffic from…wait for it–INDIA.
    Heh. That laughs me.
    Go figger.
    hey, I can’t figure out why I just watched ‘I Love New York’.

    My brain hurts.

    But I miss ya Miss Celie.
    My cookbook is out…well, the one I developed recipes for, anyway.

    The great big butter cookbook because everything’s better with butter.

    Go buy it for your family and I’ll sign it for ya.
    yeah. whoop dee friggin’ doo!

    Love ya.


  5. I’ve got to think of an angle to post about your blog.
    Butter IS INDEED the best.

    Mind you all of the recipes ain’t MINE, but most of ’em are good.

    You’ll dig it.
    If i had more free ones I’d hook you up.

    BUT, you know I gots me a big family.
    (the desi contingent have guilted me into it…don’t ask)


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