Less than meets the eye.

I’m slowly transferring a few posts from various places over to WordPress, which is why there are now posts before Nov. 18 showing here. Talk about a pain in the rear.

Also a pain in the rear? The Virgin MegaStore when they’re having one of their $10 sales. I tend to avoid the one in Times Square, because it’s like a zoo. Crowded to the rafters with tourists and those obnoxious comedy ticket hawkers trolling the sidewalk in front of it, it’s just not a place that’s fun to go. I basically spend all of ten minutes total in there at any given time and, therefore, never do much damage to my wallet. The one in Union Square was surprisingly easy to navigate on Sunday — save for the fact that it proved impossible to leave without buying anything. I came out with the 20th anniversary edition of The Princess Bride (I already have the basic edition and two copies of the book), Superman Returns, and the one thing I shouldn’t have bought: Transformers for $24. (Or, as TnT keep pronouncing it, “TranceFOURmuhz.”) I had been looking forward to the movie this summer but ended up just missing it. I should’ve Netflixed it instead of shelling out the bucks to own a movie that couldn’t keep decent pace. What started out as a cheesy, funny nod to my favorite childhood cartoon turned into a tedious movie where the action scenes just melted into each other. By the last twenty minutes, I was so bored, I didn’t care about Megatron or Optimus Prime or anybody. I just wanted it over. What a bummer! :-(.

That’ll teach me to impulse buy.

One thing I still don’t understand? Why they don’t sell virgins at the Virgin MegaStore.

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