Wouldja Take a Book at That? : June Reads

Man, I read a lot of good books this past month! It was like an embarrassment of riches!

The Lotus PalaceA Rake’s Midnight Kiss, by Anna Campbell (out 8/27, historical romance)
Faking It, by Cora Carmack (new adult/contemporary romance)
The Duchess Hunt, by Jennifer Haymore (historical romance)
Tear You Apart, by Megan Hart (out 8/27, erotic fiction)
The Curiosity, by Stephen P. Kiernan (out 7/9, mainstream fiction)
Making it Last, by Ruthie Knox (out 7/15, contemporary romance, e-novella)
The Downfall of a Good Girl, by Kimberly Lang (contemporary romance, Harlequin KISS)
The Lotus Palace, by Jeannie Lin (out 8/27, historical romance)
Caged Warrior, by Lindsey Piper (paranormal romance)
The Mistress, by Tiffany Reisz (out 7/30, erotic romance)
The Story Guy, by Mary Ann Rivers (out 7/8, contemporary romance, e-novella)
Slow Surrender, by Cecilia Tan (out in print 8/6, erotic romance)

And because I had so much free time while getting through all the freshly baked books above, I also finished 2009’s Sandman Slim, by Richard Kadrey.

So, folks, if we ONLY count 2013 releases, I am up to 49 works read through the year so far. I don’t mark down the duds (and can’t remember most of them!), so that’s just the stuff I really liked. I’m kinda proud!

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