Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Riddle me this: Why isn’t GH’s new pediatrician, Terrell Jackson, Tommy Hardy? If you’re going to add someone to an already burgeoning cast, why not at least tie them to the show’s history and its founding family?

Think about it…Lisa bringing Terrell to town to mess with Robin would be even more viable if he was Tom and Simone’s son all grown up. Steve and Elizabeth wouldn’t question their cousin coming to work at GH, and drafting him into immediate action during the bus crash fallout would have made even more sense! “Oh, hey, cuz! Sure, get to work!” And as Lisa’s Evil Plot (whatever it may be) unfolds, we could see Tommy increasingly conflicted between his loyalty to an old friend and his loyalty to the hospital community his family is such a big part of. And then we’d have a Drake/Scorpio/Hardy love triangle, as Patrick is inspired to fight for Robin’s heart. The very idea kind of makes me swoony. It’s such a missed opportunity!


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