The TBR pile (so far!) for 2011

I’m really bad at keeping track of what I want to read, and I always wind up wandering aimlessly around bookstores, going, “What was I looking for again?” So, here’s an effort to combat that malady right out of the gate this year.

When the Stars Go Blue, by Caridad Ferrer (en route to me; will be reading soon!)
One Con Glory, by Sarah Kuhn
Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, by Helen Simonson
Great Philosophers Who Failed At Love, by Andrew Shaffer
Unveiled, by Courtney Milan (Jan. 25 release)
Pale Demon, by Kim Harrison (Feb. 22 release)
Scandalous Women, by Elizabeth Kerri Mahon (March 1 release)
The Gathering, by Kelley Armstrong (April 12 release)
Spell Bound, by Kelley Armstrong (July 26 release)

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