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Okay, just how stupid is OLTL’s Langston? She hears Cris and Layla talking about how Ford is having frequent special delivery sex with Karen the Pizza Girl, Langston catches them red-handed and yet she buys Ford’s excuses and proceeds to suck face with him? Have some sense, woman! And some pride! And, oh, how about some concept of hygiene? At least send his skeevy butt to gargle with Listerine and kill the Karen cooties before you stick your tongue down his throat! 

Langston used to be one of my favorite daytime teens, but I can’t remotely comprehend the person she has become. She’s selfish, and she’s dumb. And I can’t wait to watch Markko kick her sorry behind to the curb later today. Because he, too, has been turned into such an idiot during this storyline. Poor patsy Markko, who had to fight his conservative father to have the right to be with Langston. She repaid him by shagging Ford on every flat surface. Gross! That OLTL tried to put Ford in this love triangle based off the hilarious bucket scene from last year was the biggest error of all. Ford is a sight gag, not a character. His whole purpose should be to walk around shirtless (Lord knows that’s all he does anyway; I think David Gregory‘s wardrobe amounts to one shirt.) and be strategically doused with water. 

It’s just a shame that now the story is all wet. 

And watching it makes me want to shower in bleach!

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