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I noted in my March 16 entry that it seemed like the horrific story of Kristina’s abuse on GENERAL HOSPITAL was basically written to endear Ethan to viewers and to remind us that while Sonny may be a violent thug, he’s a good father. And, weeks later, I still ain’t buyin’ it. I still think Ethan is a walking retcon ( that ruins what few good memories people have of Luke and Laura’s happy times. And I totally cheered when Dante punched Sonny yesterday. I may have, in fact, yelled, “Hit him again!” at my TV. Because this lame party line of “he’s a good father” doesn’t play when Sonny’s idea of good parenting is shooting cops or ordering hits on those he perceives as hurting his kids. Violence is not the answer, it’s part of the problem! And Sonny doesn’t have enough self-awareness as a character to realize that. If he did, then I think that viewers like me — and characters like Dante — might actually be able to cut him some slack. 

Instead, we get exchanges like yesterday’s: 

Sonny: I’ve made mistakes with my kids. But do you think I would intentionally hurt them?
Dante: Screw your intentions. Really. I mean, Michael’s life has become a slow-motion train wreck. Morgan was torn apart after he found out you shot me, and Kristina shouldn’t even be in this hospital bed if not for you. That’s what the common denominator is here, Sonny: you. You’re so damned selfish, you put everyone after you. I mean, even your kids. The great, powerful Sonny Corinthos comes first and his kids come a distant second. 
Sonny: Feel good about yourself?
Dante: Yeah.
Sonny: Well, you believe what you want to believe.
Dante: Can you deny the hell you put your kids through?
Sonny: You know what?
Dante: Answer my question! Can you deny the hell that you’ve put your kids through?
Sonny: You’re just looking for reasons to hate me, because maybe at one point, you didn’t. You’re at war with yourself because maybe somewhere, deep down inside… you want me to be your father. 

I mean…way to sidestep the point, Sonny! Do we need to remind you that YOU SHOT DANTE? I mean, Dante doesn’t have to “look for reasons” to hate Sonny, he’s got a pretty darned good one! I’ll repeat what I’ve often said about Ric and Mr. Craig. It doesn’t matter how much time passes, or if the characters return some day completely redeemed, Carly and Robin will still have a free pass to loathe them for the suffering incurred at their hands. Ditto for Dante when it comes to Sonny. If he wants to sock Sonny in the eye every day for the next month, it still won’t outweigh being shot point-blank in the chest! 

And how awful is it that we have to watch Kristina not only be abused by her boyfriend, but suffer because she knows her father kills people for a living? That’s a burden no teenager should have to bear. She should be taking care of herself and trying to heal, not collapsing in tears and begging her father’s hired gun not to whack people!

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