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In the words of Harry’s father from NIGHT COURT, “I’m feeling much better now.” So here’s 5 things I LIKE about GENERAL HOSPITAL. 

In no particular order: 

1. Dante and Lulu. I think this is the first Lulu pairing I’ve really connected to. They’re funny, warm, sexy and I really like how the relationship has been built so far. Plus, I’m a sucker for how he keeps trying to push her away and failing miserably because he wants her so much. And, on a tangential note, Dominic Zamprogna was freakin’ amazing in Friday’s confrontation scenes with Sonny. After I got done being pissed off, I went back and watched his monologue and got chills. 

2. Alexis and her daughters. Yes, ALL of them. I know that a lot of people don’t like Sam as her oldest — and I haven’t forgotten the Ric sex fiasco — but I absolutely ADORE Nancy Lee Grahn, Kelly Monaco, Lexi Ainsworth and Haley Pullos together. Their scenes are organic and realistic, and I wish we had more story with the Davis girls, because a strong family of women is a welcome change in male-driven Port Charles. I really hope we get the story of Sam’s biological father this year, because it’s a tale that really needs to be told. 

3. Johnny. Johnny was a character I didn’t really care for initially, except that I had this pet theory that he was Sonny and Kate’s secret love child. (I had all of it worked out in my head. It was pretty elaborate.) However, sometime last year I sat up and went, “Oh, hey. I like this guy.” Brandon Barash imbues him with a lot of depth and he really tracks to me as a screwed up child of the Mob who is still trying to be a decent guy. I think it helps that the narrative tone of the show doesn’t try to hold him up as a hero (they’re too busy doing that with Sonny and Jason. Oh, wait, I said I was going to be positive, right? LOL.). And with both Maxie and Olivia, there’s a serious spark and a thread of fun and kindness that offsets the mob shenanigans. 

4. Carly, Jax and their family. When Michael’s not in insolent punk mode and they’re not all up in mob business, I seriously enjoy the Jacks clan. Seeing Carly happy, with a guy who would give her the moon, is such a refreshing change from years of angst and misery. I also think Drew Garrett and Aaron Refvem are cutie patooties and good actors, and baby Josslyn and her big ol’ bald head totally brings a smile to my face. All together and united, Carly, Jax and the kids just sparkle. (Too bad they’re only ever happy for, like, a month at a time.) 

5. Robin, Patrick and their relationship with Coleman and Jake’s. I don’t think it’s a secret that I enjoy Coleman in general, but that Robin and Patrick play out so much of their lives at his bar really lends to the feeling that PC is an actual community and that people don’t just exist in a vacuum. Of COURSE you’re going to know the guy who pours your beers. Watching him become an actual friend of theirs has been great. But who do I have to bribe to get scenes of him babysitting Emma?

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