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Often times, my approach to solving a love triangle is “Oh, why can’t they all just move in together?” Today, I found myself saying that with a non-triangle: ATWT’s Henry, Katie and Simon.

I just adore them together. Plus Jacob. Of course I can’t forget the baby! Their scenes in the wake of Brad’s death have been full of life and laughs and love — and a lot of poignancy.

And I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but lately it seems Henry has really been there for Katie, above and beyond most soap friendships. And Trent Dawson has continued to add more layers to his already complex character. There’s a tenderness in his eyes and a longing when he holds Jacob that really makes me wonder if we, the viewers, are meant to think Katie belongs with Henry in the long run. Today’s episode really hammered that home, with Henry’s insistence upon wanting to see Katie happy and how he was so emphatically shoving her towards Simon…all the while looking like his heart was breaking.

Obviously the show “went there” with them a few years ago, complete with an all-too brief marriage. I’m a little torn about whether Katie and Henry should go there again. Because, honestly, their friendship is one of my favorites on daytime. I’m one of those people who believes that men and women can be just friends. And that Henry and Katie love each other and fight each other and continue to be there for each other really touches me. So, I do want to see them together forever…but not necessarily as lovers or husband and wife. Why change the beauty of what they already have together, you know? It’s so rare to see a man and a woman portrayed like they are. You know they’d rush headlong into danger for each other — because they have — and it’s not because they want to get in each other’s pants.

And, of course, Simon plays a part as well. If he had stayed off canvas this whole time, it wouldn’t be as big of an issue, but that he has become present in Henry and Katie’s lives again complicates things. He’s a friend to them both, he loves them both — and vice versa. And they make such a good trio, that I just can’t see Henry orKatie being like, “Well, Simon can just go off and be a jewel thief while we hook up and live a stable life.” And, well, frankly, the same sort of goes for Simon and Katie hooking up. Could we really see them without Henry in their lives? No!

So, it’s obvious: Move in together! All of ’em! Jacob can have two daddies on earth and one in the ether and Katie will have all of her “boys” in one place.

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