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Today I was completely enthralled by a highly-anticipated character being introduced via an art show. No, I don’t mean James Franco on GH. I mean Paul Leyden‘s Simon Frasier on ATWT! Franco may have that appealing mop of curls, a darling smile, and the ability to portray a vicious edge with ease, but expert thief Simon has been stealing daytime hearts for far longer!

The return of Katie’s first love is something I’m always clamoring for. Especially since his gig in ’06 saw Simon romancing Carly instead of his former wife. The few scenes Simon and Katie shared back then were sizzling and even though it spelled doom for her marriage to Mike, I loved that they couldn’t deny their passion. I mean, normally I’m anti-cheating, but, dude, they’re soulmates. So, you know what…? I have to agree with Mike and Jack that seeking out Simon is the best way to get through to Katie as she goes through one of the worst experiences of her life. He may be felonious, untrustworthy, and a complete cad but he loves Katie — that’s one thing about him that’s never been a con!

That’s not to say that I think Skatie needs to do the mattress tango this time around, because that would be completely disrespectful to Brad. And cheating on a living spouse is one thing (sorry, Mike!) but when the spouse is actually a ghost who has to watch you get it on…? It’s more than a little gross. So it’s really the emotional connection between Simon and Katie that I’m gearing up for.

Like John and Natalie on OLTL this week. They’re another couple that I’ve always had a yen for. And when John bore the brunt of Natalie’s anger over Jared’s death and then held her as she fell apart, my heart broke. Yes, I’m aware that Natalie losing husbands seems to be foreplay for these two, considering that the last time they got close it was in the wake of Cristian’s “death.” But that’s so not what I got out of their scenes. I loved that Michael Easton and Melissa Archer conveyed the characters’ natural comfort with one another so easily, and I bought that John was the only one who could bring Nat a small measure of peace — as well as shoulder the weight of her fury and guilt.

Sometimes an old friend, an old love, is just who you need to help heal a fresh wound.

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