Following the Light

Since Guiding Light wrapped up on Sept. 18, I’ve been following the official Telenext Media Twitter account for Mindy Lewis ( or @melindasuelewis), and it has gone a long way in soothing the sting of the show being canceled. Not just because it picks up where the show left off, but because whoever is writing it  is doing such a fantastic job. (I should really find that out, shouldn’t I? My guess would be Alina Adams, who co-wrote Jonathan’s Story and authored the As the World Turns‘ tie-in novels Oakdale Confidential and The Man From Oakdale. If I’m right, I’ll buy myself a cookie.)

Mindy’s Twitter is the Bauer-centric GL that many wish we’d had in recent years. We’re “seeing” more of Mindy, Rick and Mel, of Leah, than we have in a long time. And their closest friends and family play a major part, too. Phillip and Beth, Bill, Jonathan and Lizzie’s co-parenting conflicts with Sarah and Lizzie’s new baby, Alana…it’s all just gorgeous stuff. And more than once I’ve found myself tearing up. Mindy’s recounting of her wedding to Rick was beautiful and, then, this week, Mindy tweeted about Leah’s issues at school. With a high IQ and a lot to live up to in terms of a Bauer legacy and a mom who is both a doctor and a lawyer, Leah lashed out at Rick for trying to force her into a gifted program. “I’m already a minority, Dad. You force me into the gifted program, and I’ll be a minority within a minority. No way. I’m not doing it,” she said on October 16, whirling on Mindy to add, “I hear you’re planning on having a baby. Maybe IT can be your trophy show pony of a genius…. At least he or she won’t have to go through their whole life in Springfield hearing: ‘But how can YOU be one of THOSE Bauers, you’re…’ ”

Ouch. Ouch. And BRILLIANT. That seriously punched me in the gut and made me ache to see Rick, Mindy and Leah have this out onscreen. How amazing would that have been, instead of seeing Leah languish on the backburner after they went to the trouble of SORAS-ing her? They de-aged Daisy to put her in the teen set again, spent ages investing in her love life — Grady, need I say more?– and yet we had to wait for a Twitter account to explore Leah growing up biracial?

But you know what…? I’m glad to have it, and to have it as GL canon.

So, to whoever is tweeting for Mindy, thank you. Thank you for giving us Lizzie in labor, Leah in conflict, and blue skies and Palomino ponies. Thank you for telling such beautiful stories and for keeping the Light on.

2 thoughts on “Following the Light

  1. Yeah, the official MIndy twitter from P&G/TeleNext is AWESOME, including the Leah story! I am certainly invested. I still wish the show was on though.

    Also, if the Twitter stuff was playing out on screen, a lot of so-called “fans” would be whingeing and moaning on the Internet message boards, “Where are Josh and Reva? Why are Otalia on the backburner – is P&G afraid to have them kiss? WTF, why is Philip giving away his money? Like this suddenly occurred to him after 40+ years! What an insult! Is this lame-o midlife crisis because GL cannot afford to have sets like the Spaulding mansion anymore? That or the hack writers are running out of material. Who the hell is Aubrey? I didn’t read the spinoff book and I’ve had enough of Tom Pelphrey’s overacting.” And so on … Instead of enjoying the good story or offering constructive criticism.


    1. LOL! I LOVED your whinging. That was so spot on and exactly what we would see! There’s always going to be complaints and criticism no matter what you watch and what’s going on but I’m glad the Twitter fills in a lot of stuff for readers when it comes to the Bauers, the Lewises, the Boudreaus and the Four Musketeers…stuff that we just didn’t get a chance to see!

      I mean, I don’t really like Jonathan and Aubrey together, as I probably wouldn’t were Aubrey onscreen, but I’m glad they’re including them in the tale!


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