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Did anyone hear high-pitched screaming around 2:40 p.m. Eastern time today? That was me, while watching AS THE WORLD TURNS and processing the EPIC FAIL that was Adam being absolved of attacking Gwen. I mean, honest to Pete, people, did someone at the show just flip through the World of No encyclopedia and decide to hit every major entry?

Between Maddie coming back to say that burying Adam alive is what turned him into a wack-a-doodle, Gwen SUPPLYING AN AFFADAVIT (OMG! WTH?!) and me being forced to agree with the whiny and self-obsessed Casey, I don’t even know where to begin with how much WRONG there was going on here. In fact, this is what I typed to Joe as it was all going down: “AKJDLAJMFDKAELAL:DA!”

I had really hoped this story would get better, and somehow ease the pain of sexual violence survivor Margo being forced to side with someone who hurt several women just because the perp is her son. Instead, the story has gotten worse, making Adam’s victims his apologists, too.

The unfortunate timing of Adam’s release coinciding with Roman Polanski‘s real-life arrest makes the show even more uncomfortable to watch. I’m not equating the two incidents by ANY means, but in both cases the victim’s desire to see things dropped is being used as justification for why the man shouldn’t pay for what he did.

But all you have to do is read the victim’s stark, gut-wrenching transcripts from 32 years ago ( to know that Polanski committed a crime.

And all you have to do is hit YouTube to know that Adam was no saint before Maddie hit him with a tree branch. In fact, check it out. Starting around the 7:10 mark. This is right when Maddie clocked him:

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