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I’m going to talk a little OLTL and GL today. First, can you believe there’s only five episodes of GL left? I’m in denial. DE-NI-AL. Thursday’s episode began the rapid wrap-up process, with Phillip and Alan coming out of surgery with flying colors, Jonathan returning Sarah to Lizzie (Oh my God! So much cute!) and Olivia and Emma moving back to the farm with Natalia. Oh, and babies. I remember Josh and a lot of babies. 

As much as I love seeing my Springfielders happy, it all feels so rushed and it goes back to an earlier concern I had about the last few months being bogged down by stories that didn’t need the airtime. We watched Olivia angst the entire time Nat was offscreen for Jessica Leccia‘s maternity leave. Now they’ve reunited without even kissing, and everything’s hunky-dory? At least viewers got a throwaway line about a box of Olivia’s stuff being moved into Natalia’s bedroom. And I enjoyed Josh, Reva and a room full of munchkins, as well as Jonathan reuniting Lizzie with Sarah, but after all this time, couldn’t have viewers have gotten a longer scene than Lizzie taking Sarah off for a walk while Jonathan told Bill he was willing to work something out? This is stuff that people want fleshed out, something that you’d want to savor

As I said, five episodes left. Less than five full hours. And that’s not nearly long enough to say a proper goodbye. 

On to OLTL. This week’s drug-dealing storyline ended with a much tenser note than it began on, and I loved it: Brody being a SEAL and sneaking around all stealthy and knocking out thugs…John trying to draw out Sergei. I even loved John and Bo rolling under the warehouse door, as cheesetastic as that was. It’s a bunch of good guys doing good things! It’s great when competent police officers are showcased as the heroes. And I especially appreciated that Fish is a part of the team. His role in Llanview is not simply to be The Gay Guy. He’s a cop, too, and obviously very capable of doing his job. 

I really feel like OLTL, with this character and Kyle, is realizing the potential set forth by GL and ATWT. GL had two fleshed out, fully realized characters who discovered their lesbian feelings…but couldn’t take that story the whole way to the physical realm. ATWT got Noah and Luke kissing, but hasn’t really given them stories that work or much characterization beyond their orientation. As for AMC’s Bianca, she’s had a much longer arc about her sexuality than Olivia or Luke or Fish and there’s just a whole lot of other stuff going on there. I’d be here all day, and nobody wants to read a blog entry that’s 2000 words long. LOL. 

Obviously there’s going to be some “after school special” moments when Fish comes out to his parents, but I think with the tethering of him to the Llanview PD and even to the Stacy pregnancy storyline, it bodes well for the future of organic, character-based stories about LGBT folks. 

And P.S…am I the only one who hoped that Kyle would find out Fish was involved in this tense stand-off with evildoers and rush to his side? ;-).


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