Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

It’s that time again. The Second Annual Mala’s Made-Up Awards. I did it last year in lieu of Emmy predictions (look for my June 20, 2008 entry) and figured it would be fun to do again! Obviously this informal set of kudos and disses spans part of last year and part of this year. There are no rules, only my whims! 

Most Entertaining Show: B&B. 
Best Surprise Couple: (a three-way tie) GH’s Johnny and Olivia, B&B’s Jackie and Owen and AMC’s Jake and Amanda. 
Best New Character: GH’s Dante (I was thisclose to saying OLTL’s Kyle but didn’t want to be accused of being too biased. Hee!). 
Best New Character Played By A Soap Vet: B&B’s Bill. 
Best Love Scene: When GL’s Olivia declared she loves Natalia! 
Most Trauma-inducing Love Scene: OLTL’s Todd and Marty. 
Most Memorable Line of the Year: This is an easy one. Y&R’s Jack for “Is that cat DEAD?” 
Biggest Jerkface: Y&R’s Adam. 
Best Inanimate Object: Y&R’s Mr. Kitty. 
The Miranda Montgomery Cutest Baby Award: GL’s Henry (both the original and the recast!). 
Most Wasted Potential: ATWT’s Dusty and Lucy. 
Best Realization of Potential: OLTL’s Kyle, Fish, Cristian and Layla. 
Most Froth-inducing Storyline: OLTL’s Todd and Marty (I sense a theme). 
I Would Watch It On a Loop: GL’s Grady falling off the cliff. 
The Ric Lansing “What Panic Room?” Insta-Redemption Award: GL’s Cyrus (though he hasn’t done anything as bad as Ric, his recent Cooperization is nutso). 
The Flowers in the Attic Award: GH’s Michael and Kristina. 
The Chester-the-Molester Skeevy Pairing Award: Y&R’s Adam and Rafe. 
Best Gay Characters/LGBT Storyline: GH: NS’ Kyle and Eric. 
Most Missed Veteran: DAYS’ Philip’s prosthetic leg. 
The Dorian Gray Portrait-in-the-Attic Award: GH’s Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), because she’s my age and she still looks 15. (I’m going gray, people. This is unfair. LOL.) 
Best Use of History: GH: NS’ Robert battles cancer and has a dream sequence about his old friends. 
Worst Rewrite of History: GH’s Ethan Lovett is Luke and Holly’s son. 
Most Confusing Rewrite of History: Y&R’s Cane isn’t Phillip III and knew it all along. 
Best Death: Y&R’s Brad is trapped under the ice. 
Worst Death: GUIDING LIGHT. Duh. 
Biggest Unsolved Mystery: Why Sri Rao isn’t writing for a daytime soap/why NIGHT SHIFT didn’t get picked up for a third season.


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