Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Since I’ve had massive love for OLTL lately, I should’ve figured that something would ruin it — my own personal romantic roadblock, determined to break up me and my cute, new steady. Yep, I’m talking Todd and Marty. 

I mean, pardon my caps-lock abuse here, but WHAT COURT IN THE LAND WOULD ORDER A RAPIST TO SEE HIS VICTIM AS A THERAPIST? OMG! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. DO NOT WANT. NO. NO. NO. It’s just dumb. It smacks of the same sensationalistic misogyny that drove the whole amnesiac Marty rapemance last year, and it just doesn’t make sense. I hate when a smart show makes blatantly stupid choices. And any viewer with half a lick of sense and a few episodes of LAW & ORDER under their belt knows that Marty being Todd’s therapist stretches the limits of even soaps’ elastic credibility. 

And then to have her dole out advice about his love life when she still hasn’t gotten over her own sexual trauma? Hi, insult, here’s injury to slam you over the head repeatedly with a cement block. 

Todd is a sociopathic creepazoid and I frankly don’t care about his personal life, so his oh-so beautiful romance with Téa just doesn’t do it for me. Instead, I sit around thinking that Téa and Blair could both do much better. If they really have to compete for someone, can’t it be Elijah? He’s smart, well-dressed and as far as I know, he hasn’t raped anyone. (It’s really sad that this is my baseline for measuring a decent guy on daytime.) 

As for Todd, hey, I have the perfect solution for him: Forget therapy with the woman he terrorized or a reunion with one of his ex-wives. Just hook him up with Stacy and be done with it, since she has no qualms about rape and insane behavior herself. What she did to Schuyler, drugging him and trying to get him in the sack, was completely deplorable. But it’s funny how Stacy is considered a crazy villainess while Todd is the object of obsession for three Llanview women. She’s a slutty psycho, and he’s a stud. How is that fair? 

I’m disappointed that a show that does so much right with diversity and intergenerational storytelling can still get so much horribly wrong with gender issues and sexual violence.


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