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Are Y&R’s Mary Jane and Adam in a competition to see who can be the most irredeemable psycho? Actually, wait, Adam, to me, isn’t a psycho. He’s too cold, too calculating about his crimes, to qualify as someone acting purely from unhinged emotion. MJ, however, done lost her damn mind. Between talking to her stuffed cat, poisoning Summer with a peanut butter-laced kiss, and now slipping Jack roofies and pretending to be Sharon, I am utterly floored by what we’re supposed to make of her. Note to daytime: A woman having sex with a man without his informed (and LUCID!) consent is no different than a male-on-female sex crime. Jack was stoned out of his head and thought he was with Sharon. That’s rape. And whether it’s ATWT’s Julia raping Jack or GH’s Irina raping Jax, this is not something we need to keep seeing. It turns my stomach and any enjoyment I was getting out of Mary Jane and her crazy antics is now as dead as Mr. Kitty. 

Moving from dead pets to dead horses, isn’t it about time Billy quit whining that Jill never loved him best? His scenes with Jill, Chloe and Kay today just made me want to smack him up side the head. I love Billy Miller, but watching his character bemoan Cane getting all the love and then trying to recapture his glory days with Mac from six years ago isn’t holding my attention. However I will admit that it’s entirely possible that I’m just bitter that Billy and Chloe are kaput and Chloe’s now hanging out with Chance…who I still want to see with Rafe! 

It was nice to see Lauren today, though. I’d forgotten she was even on this show. And Tracey Bregman looked so pretty! Stop locking this woman away and only rolling her out to make inane conversation about Amber’s designs. Why isn’t she all up in Paul’s business since he’s about to marry Nikki? And why not use her built-in psycho detector (after all those years of dealing with Sheila) to catch Patty Jane?

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