Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Joe and I had fun with yesterday’s GENERAL HOSPITAL — if you call fun e-mailing each other back and forth going, “Wait, is this the same night as Claudia’s car accident?” Between the brain surgery sequence a few days ago, the trip to the police station and the scenes at the Quartermaine mansion, we were totally mystified by everyone referring to the collision as having happened mere hours ago. “Is this like PASSIONS, where the days last for months?” Joe asked me. The answer? Yes. Yes, it is. And this interminable storyline has only just begun! 

We can now look forward to guilt-ridden Michael and Kristina hitting the road (hopefully not in cars), poor Alexis being made to look like an even bigger fool, and Claudia secretly plotting revenge against a couple of kids. Joy. That’s must-see TV right there. I mean, I was just so riveted by the glorified automobile commercial that was the crash — with the questionable CGI and Carly deciding that exact moment was the right time to do her best impression of a highway trash pickup volunteer — that of course I’m invested in the fallout. Not. In fact, my reason to tune in is still Johnny. And, no, I still don’t get it. Last year I was bitter about Coop and Logan’s deaths and really not into their replacement. Now? I feel like Brandon Barash has the potential to be the show’s next leading man. He’s been getting great scripts lately, which certainly helps, but he manages to imbue all those fabulous bits of dialogue with nuance, too. He’s really found his footing as an actor. 

I remember when he first came on, I wondered if Johnny would turn out to be Kate and Sonny’s secret son. I had this whole plot in my head of how Kate hooked up with Trevor Lansing, who arranged for her child to be raised by the Zacharras. Because Johnny works as a “younger Sonny,” as someone to pick up the mantle and take it into the next generation…with a few noticeable differences. He’s the brooding mobster archetype but not a chauvinist. He’s dangerous, but has a conscience…not just the convenient kind that propels him into a chapel every few months to make promises to God. He hasn’t given any underage girls pills or shot anyone in the head. Of course, knowing GH, give him a few years and I’m sure he’ll get there. 

But no matter where Johnny’s headed, I’m really enjoying him in the here and now…even if the nights do last all week.


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