Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

I find myself at odds about what to blog about: really enjoying GH’s Johnny and Olivia, getting addicted to THE UNUSUALS just as it runs its last episode, or raving about GL’s Henry’s hats. So, I’m just going to try and hit all the points!

In just a handful of months, I’ve come to enjoy not one but two Johnny pairings, and I have to tell you, this is just weird for me. It’s not that I didn’t like Johnny before, it’s just he’s the latest in a long line of 20-something guys on GH. So when Brandon Barash debuted in 2007, I told myself not to get too attached. But somewhere along the way, I got attached anyway. I kinda love this character. I love that Johnny is one of the few people in town who has Claudia’s number and despite loving his sister, he doesn’t let the two-bit schemer off the hook. I will not lie, I also loved him wading into the Spinelli/Matt antics at Jake’s and efficiently taking care of the situation. I love the piano-playing, even though Jake’s needs slightly more cheerful musical selections. (The classical dirges could send already depressed drunks even further into their cups!) I love how Johnny is with Maxie and Olivia. It’s playful, it’s fun, it’s not about being each other’s soulmates and skipping off to have babies…and it’s smokin’ hot. Jolivia’s brief piano duet was sexy as Hell, as was Johnny “checking her engine” today.

Fighting summer rerun season tooth and nail and desperate for something new to watch, I actually gave THE UNUSUALS a shot last week and this week — only to realize that the show got the ax from ABC. That sucks, because I really like the ensemble cast! Adam Goldberg and Harold Perrineau are straight up hilarious; I really enjoyed Joshua Cole as the more serious cop, Cole, and Amber Tamblyn and Jeremy Renner‘s Shraeger and Walsh had major partner chemistry — despite the fact that Amber will always be teen Emily from GH to me. LOL. That’ll teach me to wait until the last possible minute to start watching a TV show!

Last but not least, I am enthralled by Henry’s hat collection on GL. I mean, the kid’s cute enough as it is, with those big, dark eyes, but then he has all these jaunty hats and I’m a total ball of mush. Today he was sporting one of his favorite blue striped newsboy caps and I actually lost track of what my colleague Gabby was saying to me. She had to come around my desk to see what caught my attention. Yes, she agreed the hat was adorable. In fact, if I can find enough pictures of Henry’s head toppers, you might see a Style sidebar in our GL pages coming up sometime soon. LOL. (You readers and my mother probably have the same refrain at this point: “Mala, just have some kids of your own!” Then again, what if I had my own kid and he/she looked terrible in hats? What then?)

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