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Okay, this is why I can’t be nice to GH very often: because the VERY next day, it does me wrong like a country song. I wish I could say “I like what I’ve seen so far of nuKristina,” but since “what I’ve seen so far” involves a teenager in her boy shorts and bra in front of Jason…I can’t.

I already like the chip on Kristina’s shoulder and how she needled Jason and enjoys playing her absentee dad and neurotic mom against each other. Actress Lexi Ainsworth is cute — but she looks younger than 16. Having her debut dispassionately asking Jason if he wants to “hook up” and then stripping to her undies to distract him from Michael hiding in her bedroom (where, presumably, HE can see her in her undies, too) is just WRONG on so many levels.

And speaking of “wrong,” how about those icky incest vibes flying around between Kristina and Michael? Sure, the script writer made sure to include several instances of them both calling Sonny “Dad” and using words like “brother” and “sister,” but that was canceled out by whoever directed Drew Garrett (my new favorite!) to play Michael flirty and that line where Michael observed Kristina turned into a “babe” while he was in the coma. :::shudder::: STOP THAT. Not to mention, again, the underwear. I don’t know about anybody else’s relationships with their siblings, but I tend to believe that the only time a brother should see his sister’s underwear is in the laundry basket!

Garrett and Ainsworth are great together, and immediately clicked, but using Kristina’s debut as a way to sexualize a young girl and hint at a potential Mikey/Kristina pair-up left a really bad taste in my mouth.

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