Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Wow, today’s GL was a seriously great hour of soap…thus making me even MORE depressed about its cancellation than I already was. And here’s the shocker: wildly popular duo Olivia and Natalia weren’t even on! Yes, Virginia, there IS more to GL than the awesome bisexual women.

It’s no secret that I’m a total Bizzie fan, but today’s Bill and Lizzie scenes really took the cake. No, they took the cake, ran off with it and proceeded to do wicked things with the icing. It takes a really talented writer, director, and actress to make sexiness seem so effortless. And, boy, did all three do a fantastic job when Lizzie tried to seduce Bill with the ruse of a broken zipper on her beautiful red dress. The way Marcy Rylan held the dress to her chest, and flirted with Bill through the mirror was breathtaking. All viewers really saw were her shoulders and a small portion of her bare back but it was sexier than if she’d been wearing lingerie or a towel. That is good soap. And Bill turning Lizzie down…? Wow, that either takes a strong man or a stupid one! I thought it was questionable when ATWT’s Dusty resisted Lucy in her smokin’ Little Black Dress last week, but Bill actually beats Dusty in the Biggest Idiot on Daytime Olympics for insisting he and Lizzie stick to their “dating” thing. One point in Bill’s favor…? He looked like he was thisclose to caving. Hee!

Then there was Remy and Christina’s divorce leading to them making a real connection. I loved it! We got to see Mel give her brother a serious wakeup call, Christina have a heart-to-heart with Lillian, and then Mr. and Mrs. Boudreau realize just how much fun they have together. Their ensuing romp and decision to just start over being Remy and Christina and not be husband and wife, was so sweet! And, again, an effortless sexiness came into play with Lawrence Saint-Victor and Karla Mosley. They looked so comfortable together in the afterglow and really brought a smile to my face.

Now, mind you, I do have to put forth the caveat that Daisy and James’ setup is completely idiotic. HOW does she not know what her former stepbrother (nearly half-brother!) looks like? You’re telling me that in a town Springfield’s size, with their families’ close association, they’re not going to recognize each other? Even if he’s been away at school since before he hit puberty, she has to have seen a photo on a mantel at some point! With that grousing out of the way, however, I have to admit I’m already on board with nuJames. His scenes with Daisy were fun, sexy, and the kind of soapy flirtiness that this go-round of the character hasn’t been allowed to indulge in. Daisy is either a Debby Downer or a brat most of the time, so it’s nice to see Bonnie Dennison get to be playful. And even though the “reveal” was ruined by already knowing Daisy’s new pal was James, I loved him walking up on Alan harassing Beth and intoning, “Granddad, get your hands off my mother!”


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