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Sometimes, there’s an actor that just wins hearts across the board. Critics and fans alike cotton to them, and they take their gloriously dysfunctional character to a level where you can’t help but feel for them. GL’s Tom Pelphrey (ex-Jonathan) was one such find and I’m sure it’s no surprise if I suggest that Y&R’s nuBilly, Billy Miller is another. To say it less formally…dude, this guy ROCKS. I have not been able to tear my eyes away from him during the fallout from Delia’s birth. He’s so compelling and I bet ALL MY CHILDREN is just kicking themselves for killing off his prior incarnation, Richie Novak. And if they aren’t? They should be!

Whether he’s swaggering around in player mode or completely sloshed or absolutely bewildered by a baby girl who could probably fit in the palm of his hand, Miller’s Billy Abbott is Must See TV. And pitting him against Jill’s “golden boy,” Cane makes it all the more riveting. I mean, let’s just be shallow for a second here. Miller and Daniel Goddard arguing…? What’s more fun than one charismatic, good-looking guy in a well-written scene? TWO charismatic, good-looking guys in a well-written scene! Goddard’s no slouch and when Cane went OFF on Chloe, Billy, and Lily for all their lies and insisted Delia was still his child no matter what, I was sold. Watching Y&R these days is like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one! Except for the part where I can’t choose between Jill’s sons. I am so torn!

Kinda like my predicament with B&B’s Rick and Ridge. I can’t choose. I feel for them both. I’m like Brooke — without the multiple marriages, illegitimate children and steam room sex romps, that is! But seriously, I really enjoy both Kyle Lowder and Ronn Moss and their showdowns are the best part of the show for me right now. Oh, wait, I’m lying. Anytime Susan Flannery (Stephanie) gets to go off is awesome, too. I could watch the snarky insults fly all day long.


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