Abandon all hope, all ye who cross the street here.

I had the pleasure of starting the day off mighty steamed…because I nearly got steamrolled by an SUV on 47th Avenue. I shook my fist at the car and a sympathetic passerby got to hear my futile yell of, “Learn how to drive!” at the closed windows. This set off a huge, huge internal rant, wherein I plodded all the way to the 7 train platform thinking all kinds of filthy invective things towards people who can’t drive. ‘Cause here’s the thing: this is NOT the first time I have nearly been plowed over in that very same intersection.

It’s like the Bermuda Triangle of Sucktastic Driving. People see a green light, they decide it’s okay to turn even if someone is walking. Never mind the little ol’ concept of PEDESTRIAN RIGHT OF WAY. Which, translated into normal human speak means, “Those little creatures who aren’t in the giant metal box on wheels get to finish crossing the street; you don’t get to mow them over.” Yet, there’s moments where I am literally just inches from a car’s front bumper and the only reason they’ve stopped is because they FINALLY realize they’re going to make impact.  I don’t get it.

Do people here just not understand basic traffic laws? I mean, I don’t want to play the “foreign drivers” card, but is that it? Hell, my mom and dad are foreign drivers and I’m pretty sure they know you shouldn’t nearly hit a pedestrian while making a turn. Drivers in Queens are like bike riders in Manhattan… they just seem to have no rhyme or reason.


And people wonder why I’ll never drive in the city… it’s because walking is dangerous enough!

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