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Between the poor showing for Carly’s “gala” for Michael, an airborne toxin that seems to only strike every fourth person, and a pathetically underpopulated hospital, it’s been hard to drum up any kind of excitement or sense of urgency while watching GENERAL HOSPITAL. Gone are the nailbitingly tense days of the Metro Court hostage crisis of Ought Seven or the 2006 virus story that actually jeopardized multiple people and featured staffers and laymen alike actually wearing surgical masks. But just when I thought I was going to need to bailout of GH’s numbing biotoxin story, the show delivered me a stimulus package in the form of Johnny and Maxie. 

You want tension? You want excitement? I found that when Brandon Barash’s Johnny started eyeing Maxie like a three course meal as they discussed their respective flaws. And their kiss? That was a nice surprise! Now I admittedly am not a huge “Spixie” supporter and think Spinelli works best as Maxie’s friend — and in small doses. I also haven’t seen the charm in Lulu for quite some time. So a Johnny/Maxie pair-up doesn’t just inject some vigor into my viewing habits, it serves the bonus purpose of putting together a pairing that actually intrigues me. Maxie never catches a break, and I love her self-awareness in that respect. What I haven’t liked is her idea that Spinelli, computer dork extraordinaire, is somehow her redemption. Johnny, who is searching for redemption himself and looking in all the wrong places, seems to be more up her alley. Who’s to say this dysfunctional duo can’t try and redeem themselves together? And if redemption’s not on the horizon, well, I am not opposed to more sharing of beers, confessions, and illicit kisses. 

Speaking of illicit kisses, another liplock that caught my eye this week was that of AS THE WORLD TURNS’ Matt and Alison. Yowza! Way to welcome back Eric William Morris, who won many a fan’s heart during his last go-round as Casey’s ne’er do well cellmate. Explain to me why Ali is kissing Matt to make Casey jealous when she should realistically be kissing him because it’s fun. Much like Spixie, “AliCase,” is a pair I like best as friends. After all the relationship trauma they’ve been through — and the fact that a lot of it for both of them involves Emily — isn’t it better for them to be involved with people that don’t have nearly as much inter-Oakdale baggage? Pairing Alison with Matt and Casey with Jade would go a long way towards breaking the Stewart woman/Hughes man curse!


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