Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

I’ve been a little behind with my soap hopping, so I haven’t tuned into AMC for a few weeks. But judging by the unhappy mail we get, it seems like watching the show is a cross between watching the live feed of an execution and getting a root canal. So, when I offered to pinch hit for our web site’s AMC daily recap today, I seriously questioned my sanity. I was like, “Dude, what am I setting myself up for?” Guess what? I loved the entire episode! 

Expecting to see the “evil” Reese plastering herself all over Zach and “traitorous” Bianca waving her “spawn” at him in an effort to keep him from his beloved Kendall, what I saw instead was a Zach who was petrified by his wife’s fragile condition and struggling with his vulnerability. I saw a Reese who platonically kicked his mopey butt into Kendall’s room. And I saw a Bianca who was the St. Binks of the Holy Cross that I’ve always remembered. (Baby Gabrielle didn’t make an appearance at all.) 

And guess what? There was other stuff on the show, too. (‘Cause if you go by e-mails and message board posts, you’d think the above storyline is the only thing on.) I didn’t realize that Pete was so darned cute. And Lucy Merriam’s Emma continues to be a total scene stealer. Brot, Taylor, Jake, Amanda, and JR all got a bit of face time to stir their issues around. Then there’s Aidan and Annie at Oak Haven…oh my goodness. Their “As The Air Vent Turns” bonding through the wall almost made me tear up. Yes, I’m that big of a sap. When I spoke to Aiden Turner during Super Soap last year, I remember he said he really liked playing Aidan a little bad, but honestly I love him good. Aidan Devane is an old fashioned soap hero and the few months where he was smacking Annie around and helping fake deaths were months I’m going to pretend didn’t happen. So this Aidan? The one who pressed his palm against the slats of the vent and urged Annie to visualize holding his hand…? Yeah, he’s a keeper! 

Kinda makes me wonder, exactly what feed of AMC did I get? ‘Cause it’s sure not the one a lot of fans must be watching! 

Maybe I just got lucky? LOL.


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