Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

 I rave about Y&R for a few reasons in the issue of Weekly that hits stands this week (you’ll have to pick it up and find out why), but that doesn’t necessarily mean the show is pitch perfect. In fact, I have some big ol’ problems with the show at times. 

Like…Restless Style is a national magazine, right? So why do the editors think that putting people like Victoria on the cover or doing features about GC residents’ favorite boys (Billy, Cane, Daniel, etc.) would sell issues? I mean, seriously? That’s an incredibly limited market you’re pitching to there: that of those who follow local Wisconsin pseudo-celebs. That’s hardly going to up the sales on a national level. I mean, if I sat around and talked about my personal life in Weekly or I was on the cover, I don’t think a single issue would leave the stands. Except if my mom bought one. LOL. Though maybe that’s what Daniel’s mom, Phyllis, is planning to do to boost sales…buy all the copies herself! 

Speaking of Phyllis, I’m having a little trouble mustering up empathy for her “Oh, noes! Sharon’s in New York with my husband!” angst. All her righteous indignation about Nick running back to Sharon would be easier to buy if SHE hadn’t been the “other woman” in Nick and Sharon’s marriage and built a family on the foundation of their wrecked one. Why is it that people who cheat never think it’s going to happen to them? Uh, chances are if somebody strayed before, they’re going to stray again. So now that the shoe is on the other foot for Phyllis, I’m not exactly feeling sorry for her. She literally made her bed and has to lie in it. 

Now, mind you, none of the above paragraph means I’ve taken a side in the Great Shick Vs. Phick Debate. I have no opinion whatsoever on who ends up with who because the actors all work so well together. In fact, I enjoy Nick/Sharon/Phyllis/Jack in ANY permutation and wouldn’t care if it somehow ended up Sharon/Phyllis and Nick/Jack!


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