Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

I’ve been doing various things in an effort to combat NIGHT SHIFT withdrawal (it’s only been one week, after all!). I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube. There’s been some sugar consumption. (If you’re ever in New York City, you MUST visit the Treats Truck. It’s the best thing on the planet.) And I’ve been walking down GH Memory Lane and remembering just how many different characters and storylines I’ve enjoyed over the years.

There’s so many obscure and forgotten Port Charles residents I adored that I had to make a list so I could share it with readers!

And, no, it doesn’t escape me that most of these span the years 1989-1991. I was in middle school and very impressionable!

1. Olin (1980s)
It struck me this morning that with everyone waxing nostalgic about Robin, Robert, and Anna’s past on both NS and the parent show, the one person who hasn’t gotten a shout-out is Robin’s longtime nanny, and the Scorpio family housekeeper, Olin.

2. Rowdy (1989-91)
Robin’s best pal, played by RJ Williams. I just remember thinking the street kid was cute and had really pretty eyes.

3. Mouse (1989)
Another street kid, Mouse was played by Melissa Hayden, who later went on to play Bridget on GL. She was Frisco’s companion when he hid out in the Catacombs. I just thought they had such a cool friendship and I, very misguidedly, wanted to go live in some tunnels, too.

4. Decker Moss (1989-91)
Lucy’s rebellious cousin, played by Michael Watson was my generation’s leather-wearing bad boy. Forget your Zander Smiths and Johnny Zaccharas, Decker had fingerless gloves! When I went out and did the same to my own gloves, my poor mom was horrified.

5. Tanganeva (1989)
The mysterious Aborigine played by Thalmus Rasulala spent a lot of time camped out in Robert’s backyard and I’m fairly certain that he either played a didgeridoo or they used one to underscore his scenes. (In retrospect, the whole Tanganeva portrayal is stereotypical and offensive, but at the time, I thought he was really cool.)

6. Finian O’Toole (1991)
LAUGH-IN alum Arte Johnson played Bill and Sly Eckert’s housekeeper and adviser, Finian. Too bad he eventually went cuckoo and killed Bill’s ex-wife, Nancy. I thought he was a riot!

7. Friday the dog (1988-89-ish)
Luke’s dog Foster (good ol’ Skillethead) gets all the good press, but I loved Robert’s mutt, Friday. Especially since the shaggy pooch was attributed a hilarious quote in Soap Opera Digest. It must have been a question about love interests; I don’t remember the details, but the answer was, “I’m a eunuch.”

What about you, readers? Who are some of your most memorable GH players from the past?


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