Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Okay, is everyone sitting down? If you’re reading my blog, it probably means you’re at your computer and in a chair, right? I actually enjoyed a full episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL. Yes, the one that’s on at 3 pm in New York, not the one on at 11. Today’s episode, and actually part of yesterday’s, had me laughing out loud. Max and Milo’s father, Maximus, hitting town was a huge part of that, and you can check out a future issue of the magazine for my thoughts about that particular storyline. But here, I want to talk about the other parts of the episode that really reminded me of how fun this show can be. 

Robin and Patrick were so adorable that I can’t get over it. It’s been two years since I have really liked them, because they’ve just had so much ridiculous conflict that made the characters unlikable. Thanks to NIGHT SHIFT this season I’m used to them acting like their capable, intelligent selves again, but seeing them get their stuff together on the parent show is just fresh and new — and wonderfully romantic. The interrogation room proposal was precious. Kudos to Uncle Mac for sticking them in a room and making them work it out. It’s about time these two grew up and realized the biggest obstacle they face is their dueling egos. Once they put those aside, all that was left was the twinkling and the giddiness that expectant parents and would-be marrieds should be experiencing. I just wanted to pat them both on the head and take them home and give them soup. That’s how cute they were. 

Then there were Lucky and Sam and Ric and Claudia. With the former playing a little couch tag and the latter playing pool, we got 1)heartfelt talk and 2)flirting. Isn’t that SO much better than fists and bullets flying? There was so much couple-y-ness that I actually felt like I was watching a different show. Even Sonny and Olivia’s talk out by her stalled car entertained me, because it took place somewhere other than the coffee warehouse or Sonny’s living room set or the docks. 

Last, but not least, there was Coleman! Max and Milo are great, and I love Diane, but Coleman is without a doubt my favorite non-contract character. The rugged, raunchy barkeep can always be trusted to offer up a quotable quip and an ego boost for any lady that walks in the door at Jake’s — and I actually miss the days when he got to mix it up in actual story with Luke, Tracy, and Skye. I’m so glad Patrick hightailed it to the bar to tell him about his pending nuptials. If anyone deserves an invite to the Scrubs wedding, it’s Coleman, since he’s had a ringside seat for most of their highs and lows.


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