Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

Today, let’s check in with AS THE WORLD TURNS. Remember my Poor Defenseless Friend from my July 24 Todd and Marty post? The other night, I totally talked ATWT at her. Fortunately, she used to watch it back in the day so she wasn’t completely lost. 

Me: I’m watching Chris and Alison videos on YouTube. Help!
PDF: Good or bad?
Me: I don’t know, but I think I became a ‘Cali’ fan when I wasn’t looking. They’ve set up a really great dynamic with Alison, Aaron, and Chris. Aaron loves her sweetly. Chris is more dangerous.
PDF: Remind me whose kid he is?
Me: Aaron is Holden’s son, Chris is Dr. Bob Hughes’ youngest, and Alison is Emily Stewart’s sister.
PDF: I was probably watching ATWT when Chris was born.
Me: Chris has actually been a grownup for a while. More likely Aaron and Ali.
PDF: No, my mom watched when I was growing up. [Wikipedia] says Chris was born in the ’80s. I have vague memories of Kim and Bob being on a boat. And Bob’s affair with Susan.
Me: Ooh. Those were good times.
PDF: Alison’s mom and Chris’s dad had an affair!
Me: Yeah! Kim and Susan had the BEST fight about it a few months ago.
PDF: Seriously? Susan and Bob hooked up like 20 years ago.
Me: It was because Ali was suing Chris for sexual harassment. It dredged up the old angst.
PDF: Kim has always been kick-ass. Why did Alison sue Chris?
Me: He was helping her with nursing school while they were dating. She wasn’t ready to have sex, kept getting so close and then freaking out. He got frustrated and yelled at her. She ran off and cried to Aaron. Chris assumed they slept together and had her kicked out of school (she was failing anyhow, so he’d been using his influence to help her stay in).
PDF: Okay…
Me: It made the Hughes and Stewarts all crabby at each other again. Plus Emily and Casey were having a secret affair! It’s been a great summer for the families.
PDF: ATWT was at its best when it was about those core families…the Hugheses, the Snyders.
Me: I totally agree!
PDF: Isn’t Emily like twice Casey’s age?
Me: Yup! 
PDF: Ew.
Me: I can’t wait till Dusty comes back.
PDF: Someone on your message boards mentioned CarJack as being a bigger couple than even Lily and Holden. True/false?
Me: These days? I think I’d say true.
PDF: To me, Lily and Holden are iconic. Huh. Weird. But I haven’t watched in a long time.
Me: They are absolutely iconic, but Carjack has definitely become huge. They’re ATWT’s “It” couple. Well, that is, if the show would quit breaking them up. They haven’t actually been together in a while.
PDF: I like that Kim and Bob have been together for the majority of my life.
Me: Me, too!
PDF: Statistically SOMEONE has to stay together.
Me: Ditto for Tom and Margo, aside from a few aberrations.
PDF: Part of my problem is that when I actually did watch ATWT, I didn’t LIKE Carly.
Me: Well, she’s not the nicest person person in the world. Or ON the WORLD. Heh.
PDF: Okay, glad it’s not just me.
Me: It’s funny, because I actually like Emily. Probably because she’s such a mess. Her sense of humor cracks me up.
PDF: Emily was often…broken. But I guess she was a more well-rounded bitch than Carly. I can appreciate a good bitch. Lucinda is no saint, but she’s still awesome.
Me: Lucinda rocks my socks! She’s fabulous.
PDF: I guess I’m just old school.
Me: Me, too!
PDF: She and Craig were always fascinating. I’m so OLD.
Me: You and me both, Babe.


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