Soap Opera Weekly: Blogging With Mala

I guess it’s fitting that on a day so resonant in American history, I’m all giddy over soaps nodding to their history. Daniel and Chelsea on DAYS OF OUR LIVES may skeeve me out, but their union can be lauded this week, because of the hilarious conversation between Doug, Bo, Julie and Hope about how Bo and Hope’s relationship didn’t exactly warm the cockles of Doug’s heart. How funny was Bo trying to trump up excuses for why Daniel is bad for Chelsea and Doug countering with Daniel being adoctor as opposed to how Bo was just a shiftless no account? LOL! And, okay, I admit that Daniel and Chelsea were cute for a few seconds when they arrived at the Fourth of July bash together and Daniel got hauled off for a lecture by Victor. But I am NOT surrendering! Nuh-uh. I remain strong in my anti-Chan stance. (Y’all are giving me about two weeks before I cave, aren’t you?)

Flipping channels to CBS, I got a ginormous kick out of Tom and Margo’s 25th anniversary party on AS THE WORLD TURNS. It was just like watching a real family get-together, complete with bickering and that one relative that always gets inappropriately drunk (Hi, Chris!). When Lisa chided Casey for interrupting her already distracted toast with a “Quiet, Casey, or I’m gonna shoot you!” I fell out. Anyone else think that wasn’t just Lisa talking to Casey but Eileen Fulton talking to Billy Magnussen? The whole Hughes clan just has such a natural, believable vibe. Scott Holmes (Tom) and Ellen Dolan (Margo) really seem like a snarky married couple, and it’s a shame that new viewers like myself missed their heyday. Luckily, we got flashbacks! Yay! I’m a self-proclaimed flashback junkie. I can never get enough of them. And it was namecheck central, too! Cricket, John, Andy, Sabrina, Lien, all of Lisa’s husbands…I almost cried, I was so giddy.

The one sour note was that these beautiful scenes of family togetherness were juxtaposed with Paul wrapping up Sofie’s body and burying it. Was that reallynecessary? Are we really supposed to think Paul is a hero for covering up a pregnant girl’s murder? It’s despicable. Sofie may have become unhinged, but she was, at the core, a sweet girl and a loving mother. Dumping her in a hole like a dog burying a bone in the backyard was a terrible indignity.

Another show engaging in a terrible indignity this week…? GENERAL HOSPITAL, by having a war veteran attack two young women. Epic fail, guys. I would say more on the über-sore subject, but I’m saving my full Logan rant for print. Check out a future issue for my ire. Until then, Happy 4th of July!


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